One Hundred and Eight Degrees—And Two Wonderful Authors

July 21, 2009

Too hot to do anything but sit under the swamp cooler and read.  That’s the excuse I came up with to allow myself the luxury of ignoring everything else I should be doing.

During the first half of this year I’ve attended several events and brought home many author’s books.  My stack is high.  But if it stays this hot and humid, I may be able to whittle it down a bit.

I started with Sarah Cortez’s “How to Undress a Cop” because I sat next to her at the PSWA annual conference and found Sarah such a lovely person.  Then there was the title.  How could I resist?

“How to Undress a Cop” is a slender book of fifty poems (if I counted correctly), packed with a sense of place, powerful emotions, and evocative descriptions.

Her style is sharp, crisp, and concise.  And consequently immensely refreshing!  What I particularly liked was Sarah’s ability to deftly paint such vivid pictures in so few lines of poetry.  Once I started her poems, I couldn’t stop until I finished.  Then I read them again.  One poem, “Glance,” I thought exquisite.

Poetry lover or not, I would recommend Sarah’s poetry to anyone who appreciates the power of words, and a writer with the ability to use them well.  I should mention you’d probably R-rate this collection.  For me, that was just another intriguing dimension to her work.

*    *     *     *     *

I’ve been dying to read Sunny Frazier’s “Where Fools Rush In” from the first time I luckily found her website.  I wanted to wait, however, to meet her and get a signed copy.  That also happened at the PSWA Conference!

If I had to describe her mystery novel in one word, it would be “delightful!”  An astrologer involved with the drug world—what a unique and wonderful way to view and solve a murder.

Christy Bristol was likeable from the moment I “met” her.  But I was really hooked when she poured a whole packet of sugar in a tiny Chinese cup of tea.  My kind of heroine!

Experiencing a piece of the illicit drug world through Christy’s eyes was not only interesting, but also informative.  Also populating Christy’s world are well drawn and believable supporting characters.  I won’t name names, but there are several, (Jonathan Maciel and Mrs. Alcorn—oops!) I’d love to see more of as Christy’s life moves forward in sequels.

The feel, smell, and look of California’s Central Valley is strong throughout the novel.  I felt like I was there.  For me, that’s a key ingredient for my liking a work—the suspension of my reality while being happily drawn into the author and heroine’s world.

I’m sure many others have read and commented on “Where Fools Rush In,” but let me belatedly offer my “Bravo!”

*    *     *     *     *

Ah well, back to my world of “Reticence of Ravens,” which I’m embarrassed to admit I still haven’t finished the first draft—stuck in a couple places.  Fortunately, I’m also working on “Three Steps to Murder,” a sequel to “Uncle Si’s Secret” in the interim.

Links to both authors website can be found in the Author links below.


3 Responses to “One Hundred and Eight Degrees—And Two Wonderful Authors”

  1. Great reviews!

    I love Sunny’s writing too!

    Sarah Simas
    The Lovestruck Novice
    Passion and Patter

  2. M Gornell said

    Thanks for the kind words! Yes, I sent to policewriter and everywhere else I could think of. And yes, I’ll let Sunny and Sarah know, though I know Sunny is connected everywhere.


  3. Great reviews, hope you sent them to the authors, and might I suggest you also put them on the police writer list.


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