A Lurker’s Ramblings

August 2, 2009

I consider myself a “lurker” when it comes to all the listserves and groups I belong to.  Listening, and hopefully learning — commenting rarely.  Items like genre, publisher categories, agent specialties etc. seem to be popular topics. A recent discussion I’ve followed has been on expansion of the mystery genre, i.e paranormal, romance, etc.

My experience is so limited, and I’m such a newbie, that I haven’t offered my opinion on the lists.  However, since this is MY blog, I figure I can spout off whatever I want.

I think the most important part of writing is telling a good story–putting into the world your characters and their adventure in a way that’s interesting and exciting.  So often, a good story means a little bit of mystery, a little bit of romance, maybe even a look at something beyond our normal reality.  And if a significant part of your story involves someone getting killed and figuring out “who done it,” call it a Mystery to keep your publisher and agent happy.

In someways, mystery, thriller, romance, and more, are  labels that tell the reader what not to buy.  If you hate mysteries, do not buy this book!  Maybe, though, they might just like it?

I’ve had to make the call for various promotional venues that my books are mysteries, then further had to distinguish between cozy or hard-boiled or chick-lit or, or, or…

But I don’t really care about those kinds of labels.  I just want to write good fiction.

Ah well, I don’t run the world, and that’s probably a very good thing!


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