Looking Back, Looking Forward, and Moving on

October 24, 2009

It’s been a year since my first novel hit-the-shelves. “Uncle Si’s Secret” however, didn’t début with a bang, more like a whisper. Hopefully, after gaining some knowledge and a lot of work, the “whisper” is spreading.

Still, I remain a little scared. With the passage of a year’s time, all my excuses of ignorance, naïveté, and lack of opportunities are no longer valid. A year is plenty long enough to “get smart.” Now, it’s up to me! Failing or succeeding is in my hands.

The writing part, no problem—I love to write, and will have my third mystery, “Reticence of Ravens” in my first editors hands very soon (yes, I need more than one editor!). And my fourth, “Do No Harm” is well on its way.

Promotions, however, is still a giant mountain in front of me. In the town of North Bend, WA where I once lived exists a picturesque mountain—Mt. Si. There’s also a small adjacent peek affectionately called, “Little Si.” In my mind, I’ve made it up “Little Si,” and the big climb still waits.

Over this last year I’ve learned a lot about book promotion, and quickly—thanks to some generous guides and organizations. Sunny Frazier, Marilyn Meredith, and the wonderful authors at Writers In Residence to name just a few. Check out the links at the end of this blog page. I’ve gotten a helping hand, words of encouragement, reviews, mentions, or congratulatory emails from all these smart and generous sisters and brothers in crime. If I’ve missed someone, let me know. I want to include you!

And tomorrow, October 25th, Linda Faulkner is posting an interview with me that offers some insights into the “potter” side of my brain. (A couple events mentioned in the interview have just changed, but my website has my latest schedule.)

And the point of my ramblings? Writing—imagining tales and characters—is something I do alone, admittedly with inspiration from places, people, and happenings in my world, and during my lifetime. And I do think there’s something to “art for art’s sake.” But for me, if no one reads by books, I don’t believe I’ve succeeded. And since I’m not a celebrity, born famous, luscious looking, or a mass murderer, I have to get good at promotions.

During this year’s journey, I’ve learned:
• I love bookfests, meeting readers, talking to them first hand.
• Book stores seldom want me.
• Conferences are wonderful! (especially enjoyed SinCLA and PSWA).
• Driving all over is tiring—so I do a lot of shopping stops along the way.
• The internet is a fabulous tool.
• Mystery authors (at least the ones I’ve met), are darned nice people even though they specialize in fictionally killing off people!

I hope next year is as exciting as this last one. Today I’m just feeling pretty darned lucky I’m a published author.


One Response to “Looking Back, Looking Forward, and Moving on”

  1. You’ve summed up the way it is for a new writer unless they happen to be with a major publisher, and event then, unless the publisher wants to spend some money on them, it’s more or less the same.

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