Stacey, Doug, and the Rocky Bluff Gang

February 10, 2010

Took last weekend off and read! For some reason(s) that I’ll have to think about later, felt guilty spending a big block of time reading. Versus doing chores, walking the dogs, starting my taxes, and oh yeah, writing.

One of the books I read was No Sanctuary by F.M. Meredith, aka Marilyn Meredith—the fifth in her Rocky Bluff Police Department crime series. I chose this particular mystery from my stack because when I read my first Tempe Crabtree adventure—Marilyn’s Tulare County series—I liked Marilyn’s writing style. Clear, crisp, and engaging.

But I have to give a disclaimer, I like Marilyn Meredith, and consider her and her husband Hap friends. That being said, I read No Sanctuary straight through without breaks. Friendship doesn’t compel me to continue reading a book—a good story with good writing does!

Stacey Wilbur, Doug Milligan, Frank Marshall, Abel Navarro, Ryan Strickland, and others—aren’t really a “gang”—members of a police department actually. I like mysteries with lots of characters, lots of suspects, and lots of back stories. With that in mind, Marilyn weaves a literary tapestry that includes all of those aspects—creating for me, a very pleasing and comfortable fictional world. It was easy slipping away to Rocky Bluff.

A lot of the story telling in this fast-moving tale is achieved through on-the-mark dialogue. And who doesn’t love good dialog! I certainly do. Not once did I get bogged down, or had to go back. What was particularly enjoyable (and remarkable), was how I walked away with a clear “feel” for each character, often through their dialogue.

And Stacey is so likable! Indeed, most of the characters populating Rocky Bluff’s police department are endearing. One of my favorite characters turned out to be Gordon Butler, a minor player, but definitely not a “throw away.” If you want to slip away to a world you can easily like, characters you can root for, and a story that will keep you engaged, Rocky Bluff is a good place to visit.

Marilyn’s website is,, and her BLOG site is Besides other interesting blogs, Marilyn is currently interviewing PSWA author members. Take a peek, it’s interesting getting to know what makes authors tick.

One Response to “Stacey, Doug, and the Rocky Bluff Gang”

  1. Thank you so much, Madeline, for this wonderful review. It’s always a bit scary when a friend reads your book and offers a review. This one was great! Much appreciated.


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