Firemen, Memories, and Desire

July 3, 2010

There’s probably an addiction syndrome name for buying books at conferences. At this year’s 2010 PSWA Conference (which, by the way was wonderful!) I went overboard—again. No matter that I still have unread books from LCC 2010, even from last year’s PSWA—and all the Book Fests in-between—I brought home more! Fortunately, I LOVE books and consequently I’m not looking for a support group. I do however need longer days, stronger eyes, and fewer chores—so I can spend my days reading, writing, and petting my dogs. Lots of luck!

One of the books I couldn’t resist was “Fire Horses” by R.J. Haig. I met R.J. at last year’s conference, and have been following his “Trail Of the Firefighter” on his blog—so interesting, and soooo funny! After meeting him and following his blog, I knew I liked him—R.J. (Bob) is a warm, friendly, and all-out nice person. Consequently, I was scared to read his book. Suppose I didn’t like it—when I so much wanted to!

I shouldn’t have worried. The imagery and symbolism of fire-horses that Bob sets up on the first two pages stayed with me throughout the novel. I was “taken” into his world, and never left. Maybe even still…

There is a “feel” to “Fire Horses,” of valor, honor, and true heroism that is unavoidable and unmistakable, yet not over powering. There is a suspenseful and interesting story underneath with well placed POV changes. Bob’s writing style is straightforward, uncomplicated, and apropos to the story he’s telling and its characters. At the same time, his prose is sometimes quite elegant. Early on, his connection between mysticism, memories, and desire was great!

Be warned, if you value the type of courage our firefighters display on a daily basis, and if you’re touched by camaraderie and dutifulness above all else, you’ll shed some tears. I certainly did! Thanks, Bob, and Bravo—for your service and your lovely book.

I can still see those fire horses—their eyes ablaze…


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