Still Smiling…

July 29, 2010

A couple afternoon’s ago I decided—heck with what I needed to do—and instead read Jacqueline Vick’s* “The Groom’s Cake.” I’d been anxiously awaiting Jacqueline’s publication, and I didn’t want reading her story to slip away into the endless(it seems) activities that can pull me away from reading.

It was wonderful!

From her character’s names, their perspectives on life and love, the “feel” of the town—all combined to create the most delightful story. I started smiling from the first paragraph. Jackie’s writing is smooth, flawless in execution, and oh so witty. But what charmed me the most were her characters themselves. Somehow Jacqueline is able to paint character pictures without long-winded descriptions (a sin which I readily confess too, and for which editing and rewriting have sometimes rescued me). So nice to read good writing. Being tone-death and monotone, regular music is sometimes a challenge; but lovely writing is music to my ears.

And the stove machinations…well, you’ll just have to read for yourself.

Sometimes I forget to smile, or laugh even—especially when I’m thinking about practical matters that seem at the time so important. When in retrospect, they really aren’t. Fortunately, I’m a “glass is half full” kind of person, so not smiling doesn’t mean I’m unhappy—just not smiling—which, I’ve read, is extremely important for one’s well being. So, the best part of all, I smiled throughout Jacqueline’s delightful story, actually laughed out loud a couple times. And I’m smiling once again remembering.

Bravo, Jackie. Well done! (Yep, still smiling as I post this—especially thinking about Charlie)

*Jacqueline is a fellow L.A. SinC member, and I first met her at a Burbank Library event where she was the gracious panel moderator for my very first author panel. Her book, “Logical Larry” was an instant hit with my nephew, and I’m also a follower of Writers in Residence—one of the few sites I visit without fail. Always interviewing someone interesting there, or generously offering good advice!


4 Responses to “Still Smiling…”

  1. Great review–now I’m intrigued on those names…

  2. Can’t wait to read it. Sounds great.

  3. Jackie said

    She IS funny, isn’t she? I have a PDF of the novella too, and can’t wait to read it myself. Thanks for the sneak pre-view!

  4. Madeline, you are most gracious. Thank you, and I’m so happy you enjoyed it. I aim to please!

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