To Quote Sue McGinty, “I can’t wait for the TV series.”

April 26, 2011

Something new today! Fellow Sister-In-Crime writer Sue McGinty, author of the Bella Kowalski: Mysteries of California’s Central Coast series reviewed Lori Hines’s first novel, and I was so intrigued by Sue’s review that I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy her comments as much as I did. And yes, paranormal is not what I usually read, but ONCE AGAIN, my reading selection-silliness needs adjusting—big time.

Here’s Sue’s Review…

The mystery genre joins forces with the occult world in this fast-paced first novel from Lori Hines, herself a paranormal investigator.

The Ancient Ones, the first novel in Lori’s “Ancient” series, will keep you awake and turning pages long past your bedtime. Be sure to lock the doors and windows, and keep a bathrobe handy; this mystery/paranormal/thriller might just scare the pants off you!

Psychic medium Lorelei Lanier, an engaging protagonist, is aided and abetted—and sometimes thwarted, (for her own good, of course)—by an engaging ensemble of characters including FBI agent Shannon Flynn, charming hunk and love interest Ian Healy, and other members of the Arizona-Irish Paranormal Research Society.

The Society’s name says it all. An exciting beginning finds the team at a training exercise where Lorelei not only sees a man, she runs right through him! In short order they’re hired by Flynn to help investigate the discovery and subsequent disappearance of a mysterious man’s body on the Texas Canyon Ranch near the historic old town of Tombstone. In their search for the body, the team discovers a series of passages and a massive cave. These in turn lead to more skulduggery and even greater mysteries.

Leylines, different dimensions, the dark arts, EMT meters, flashing LEDS–Hines, a real-life paranormal investigator, weaves all of this into a nicely paced mystery in a way that even a neophyte sci-fi fan can understand and relate to.

I can’t wait for the TV series.

Great cover too!



Lori’s website is — Just love Sue’s line, “…this mystery/paranormal/thriller might just scare the pants off you!” And, yes, I had to look “Leylines” up. Thanks, Sue for bringing Lori’s first novel to all of us. The Ancient Ones is definitely on my list!


5 Responses to “To Quote Sue McGinty, “I can’t wait for the TV series.””

  1. Thanks for sharing Madeline! It makes my trip to the bookshop quicker.

  2. Super… if it’s available for Kindle, I’m buying it right now! Congrats to a new author for us to read.

  3. Julie Egert said

    Ohh, looks like the perfect book for at work after my clients are asleep–but I have to be up!! And I so agree,seems like a book worthy of enticing a person away from their preferred genre!

  4. W.S. Gager said

    Very interesting book and wonderful review. Thank you Sue! Also thank you Madelyn for sharing it. This is one my daughter would eat up as she loves mytery and paranormal.

  5. Julie Godfrey Miller said

    Thanks for posting the review. Like you, paranormals are not usually my first choice, but this review grabbed me. That will probably be the next book I buy.

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