Miserably Hot and Humid—then Along Came Evan

August 3, 2011

Swamp coolers only work in dry heat. So, when it’s 103º in the Mojave, with 70% humidity and overcast skies, your swamp cooler (my swamp cooler in particular) pumps out hot damp air at a phenomenal rate. Add to that five large, lethargic, and hairy dogs lying around the house acting like the weather condition is all your fault—one can get out of sorts. That one, refers to me.

So what’s to do but retreat to the one bedroom with air-conditioning, close the door on complaining canines, and read Jacqueline Vick’s[1] latest, The Mystery of the White Revelation on my Kindle. It’s a wondrous thing what a good mystery can do to improve one’s disposition.

To start with, what an intriguing title! What could the “White Revelation” possible be? After Jacqueline’s title grabbed me, what really held me were wonderful characters (deftly drawn), and a strong sense of place. Love being immersed in the “scene of crime,” so to speak. Jackqueline is particularly skilled at developing descriptions with few words. Her works I’ve read are novellas, which don’t give a writer a lot of time-and-space to wax on and on…(I’m so guilty of that). Not a problem for Jacqueline!

In particular, her characters are entertaining, with “spot on” traits and actions.  Just loved when “Mr. Dupont sucked the smile back into his face…” And when it comes to “being there,” the High Street Tea Room was marvelous—with her description putting such a nice picture in my mind–reminiscent of P.D. James, a very high complement, indeed! The deep mauve carpet, the wall scones shaped like petals—loved being there, and it was so easy for me to forget about my damp skin, my whining dogs, the weather forecast…

And Evan Miller—our protagonist in this charming story is eminently likable. Sensitive, smart, with a possible darker side—my kind of hero. I won’t give away any of the mystery, which I thought was nicely resolved. At the end, there’s even a preview of the The Body Guy, the next Evan Miller adventure. I’ve already emailed Jacqueline that I’m waiting!!

Jacqueline Vick

A miserable afternoon was turned to joy, who could ask for more? And if you haven’t read Jacqueline’s Special Delivery and The Grooms Cake, you’ve missed out. Great reads, and so humorous. Both kept big smiles on my face throughout!

[1] Jacqueline Vick’s website is http://www.jacquelinevick.com/ and her books are available for download on Amazon and Smashwords.


4 Responses to “Miserably Hot and Humid—then Along Came Evan”

  1. Jackie Vick always turns in a sarcastic, witty and clever story. I have been a fan for years.

  2. Madeline, I’m blushing! I’m glad “The Mystery” gave you some pleasure. And I’d love to hear back from anyone who reads it. And thank you again for your kind words, Madeline.


  3. Based on your thoughtful (as always, Madeline) review of Jackie Vick’s newest, I’ll have to check it out. Aren’t e-readers wonderful? Now I can afford to buy books of my peers.

  4. Madeline, you’ve got my interest peaked. Will check this book out!

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