Our Tour Bus is Loading…

November 20, 2011

This Friday we’ll actually be starting our Blog Tour! For me, it’s always exciting trying something new. This project has been loads of fun! If you don’t want to miss anyone, subscribe to my blog, and you’ll get all these talented and interesting authors’ posts automatically.

And here they are!

First on Board

But wait, it gets even better…

And room for more great authors!

And what will I be doing for two weeks? I’ll be on the “electronic” road visiting…

Nov. 25

Timothy Hallinan


Nov. 26

Jackie King


Nov. 27

Jean Henry Mead



Nov. 28

Marilyn Meredith


Nov. 29

Mike Orenduff


Nov. 30

Jinx Schwartz


Dec. 1

Earl Staggs


Dec. 2

Anne K. Albert


Dec. 3

Beth Anderson

http://www.bethanderson-hotclue.com/ blog

Dec. 4

Ron Benrey


Dec. 5

Pat Browning


Dec. 6

John M. Daniel


Dec. 7

 Alice Duncan


Dec. 8

Wendy Gager


10 Responses to “Our Tour Bus is Loading…”

  1. mmgornell said

    Thank you all for commenting on our tour…we start in the morning! All aboard…


  2. Pam Pope said

    Have a great tour! Is that the “driveway” that I got lost on?

    Pam Pope

  3. Mary L. McGee said

    How exciting! I am looking forward to all of this! My Aunt Ruth just sent her second novel to me in the mail. She calls it Henry. She is 98 years old. Mary McGee

  4. Fabulous post. You’re some cyber-wizard! I’ll see you on COZY MYSTERIES AND OTHER MADNESS on Nov. 26, and look forward to visiting your blog on December 7.

  5. Wow! Madeline, how clever! I’m afraid I’m not nearly as talented. I am looking forward to the tour though. It’s going to be lots of fun!


  6. Hi Madeline, I’m looking forward to you visit to my blog on December 2!

  7. Madeline, can you explain how the tour works?
    Do we go to each blog on each scheduled day?

  8. Kay Rieder said

    Madelline!!! Best to you!!!! The photo of your driveway is worth EVERYTHING !!!!


  9. Yipee! Something to look forward to.

  10. This is great, Madeline. I especially like the photo of Pat riding the elephant. 🙂 I can’t wait to host you on Mysteriuos Writers on November 27.

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