Welcome to Alice Duncan

November 26, 2011

Mystery We Write Blog Tour

Alice, thank you for visiting my blog today and sharing your thoughts on Inspiration, Author Enjoyment, &  Reader Wishes

Award-winning author Alice Duncan lives with a herd of wild dachshunds (enriched from time to time with fosterees from New Mexico Dachshund Rescue) in Roswell, New Mexico. She’s not a UFO enthusiast; she’s in Roswell because her mother’s family settled there fifty years before the aliens crashed. Alice no longer longs to return to California, although she still misses the food, not to mention her children, one of whom is there and the other of whom is in Nevada.

Author Alice Duncan

Inspiration? Beats the heck out of me. I’ve just always wanted to write books. Historical books. Books that take me out of the present day and send me back to a time that looks better from here, but probably wasn’t for those who lived then.

What do you most like about being an author? When people tell me they enjoy my books!

When I was young and didn’t know any better, I wanted to write the Great American Novel. After life kicked me around for a few decades, I decided I not only don’t want to write the Great American Novel, I don’t even want to read it. What I like in my reading material is to be taken away from life’s travails for a few hours. That’s what I aim to do in my own novels, and I consider it a most worthwhile goal. When people finish a book of mine, I want them to be happy they read it.

What great thoughts, Alice. Thanks for visiting my blog today!


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Pecos Valley Revival





Alice would love to hear from you at alice@aliceduncan.net. And be sure to visit her Web site at http//www@aliceduncan.net



Genteel Spirits

Fallen Angels

Be sure to leave a comment and your name will go into the drawing for a free copy of Reticence of Ravens (three copies in total, randomly selected by Buster!)


20 Responses to “Welcome to Alice Duncan”

  1. Thanks, Carole! I think TWISTED VINES is a really, really good book! And it’s set in one of my favorite areas on earth, the California wine country.

  2. Alice, I enjoyed our exchanges during the editing of my book Twisted Vines and then viewing your website. Now I look forward to reading your books.

  3. Boy, me, too, Wendy! I want to enjoy my reading.

  4. W.S. Gager said

    Alice: I know I’m going to love your books. I never liked “literary” books. Thought they were boring. Give me genre fiction any day!
    W.S. Gager on Writing

  5. Change the world? Oy. I can’t even get my wiener dogs to behave, Anne!

  6. I love that line, “I want them to be happy they read my book”. Too many writers want to change the world, me? I’m with you, Alice. Be happy!

  7. Hey, Ann! How nice you came to visit (we just had a birthday lunch together, everyone. Ann and I were born a day — and a couple of years — apart).

  8. Hello to two of my favorite author-ladies. Enjoying all the blogs and the comments. I don’t need to be included int the drawings either. i already have the books. 🙂

  9. Alice, I completely agree with you about what I like to write and read. Your books sound just right for me.

  10. Abso-bloomin’-lutely, Jean and Jacquie. I finally stopped reading THIRTEEN MOONS, by Charles Frazier. I’m sure it’s a great novel, and terribly “literary,” but good Lord Almighty. Talk about depressing. Not my cuppa.

  11. You’re my kind of writer, Alice. Entertaining the reader has got to be number one.

  12. Jacqueline Seewald said

    I’m with you, Alice! I want people to finish reading one of my novels and say they enjoyed it or they couldn’t put it down. But I’m still trying to write that blockbuster bestseller. Like Alexander Pople said: “Hope springs eternal.”

  13. Mike, you’re my hero. Mike entered my book in the New Mexico Book of the Year Awards, and both his book and my book made it to the finals. Neither of us won (although Mike did last year), but one of the books I edited (The Faerie Hills, by Susan McDuffie) won in my category, so I still felt good 🙂

  14. Thanks, Jackie! Hope you’re doing well.

  15. Alice: Enjoyed my visit with you on the blog. Love your books and love you too – I share your love for our four footed friends and am sending ‘good vibes’ in all departments.

    Good luck to all of us and cyber hugs,
    Jackie Griffey.

  16. Thanks for hosting Alice, Madeline. She is a great writer and a fun gal. Don’t include me in any book contests – I’ll buy hers. And yours.

  17. Thanks, guys! I appreciate you having me, Madeline. And thanks for reading Fallen Angels, Jackie!

  18. Alice, you are definitely a charmer. I love getting to know more about you and your books.


  19. mmgornell said

    Alice, thank you so much for visiting my blogsite today! Just loved “…I decided I not only don’t want to write the Great American Novel, I don’t even want to read it.” You are so wise! Writing and reading mysteries is sooooo much better! (smile)

    Jackie, thanks so much for visiting and commenting. It’s so great visiting at all the tour blogs and getting to know all the writers. Glad you like the Mojave–it’s growing on me!


  20. I smiled all the way through your post, Alice, and I love your attitude. Reading has made me happy for as long as I can remember. And reading Fallen Angels made me happy, just recently.

    Readers, Alice visits my blog on Nov. 28th, so be sure and check out what she says. It’s always amusing.

    Madeline, I love your blogsite. Mojave Desert is lovely.

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