Welcome to Anne K. Albert

December 1, 2011

Mystery We Write Blog Tour

Anne, thank you for visiting my blog today and sharing your thoughts on Inspiration, Author Enjoyment, &  Reader Wishes

Anne K. Albert’s award winning stories chill the spine, warm the heart and soothe the soul…all with a delightful touch of humor. A member of Romance Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and married to her high school sweetheart for more than a quarter of a century, it’s a given she’d write mystery and romantic suspense. When not writing she loves to travel, visit friends and family, and of course, read using ‘Threegio’ her cherished and much beloved Kindle 3G!

Author Anne K. Albert

On Inspiration — I find people fascinating. I’ve always enjoyed reading biographies and watching talk shows that delve into the psyche of an individual. I also watch people wherever we go. I eavesdrop on conversations. I watch and analyze their mannerisms and body language. I try to figure out what makes them tick.

As a writer, I want to create believable, memorable characters that walk off the page. I love to plunk them in the middle of a mystery, surround them with eccentric friends and relatives, and then sit back and watch the mayhem begin!

On Author Enjoyment — I enjoy almost every aspect, even the endless online promotion that many authors disdain. It’s fun to chat with authors and readers via FB, email, and blogs. I’ve met some wonderful people who have very quickly become friends. But, like any writer, I also need time alone to write. Those quiet hours are when I recharge my creative batteries. It also keeps me focused and grounded.

On Reader Wishes — My goal has always been very simple. I want to entertain the reader. If I bring a tear to the reader’s eye, yet make them smile when they reach ‘the end’, I’ve done my job!

Thanks, Madeline, for featuring me on Day 7 of the second 2011 Mystery We Write Blog Tour. It’s been an exciting week so far!

You can visit my website http://www.AnneKAlbert.com/ and blogs http://anne-k-albert.blogspot.com/ and http://muriel-reeves-mysteries.blogspot.com. I’m also on Facebook www.facebook.com/annekalbert and Twitter www.twitter.com/AnneKAlbert.

Anne would also like to encourage readers to enter her comment-to-win contest — CONTEST DETAILS: Comment to WIN! Three names will be selected at random from comments on all 14 of Anne’s Mystery We Write Blog Tour guest appearances. Winners will receive an e-copy of FRANK, INCENSE, AND MURIEL, book one of the Muriel Reeves Mysteries. Visit http://tinyurl.com/3hzpqvv for her schedule and contest details. Good luck!

Frank, Incense, and Muriel

Here’s a tantalizing look at Anne’s first Muriel Reeves Mystery.  FRANK, INCENSE, AND MURIEL is set the week before Christmas when the stress of the holidays is enough to frazzle anyone’s nerves. Tensions increase when a friend begs Muriel to team up with a sexy private investigator to find a missing woman. Forced to deal with an embezzler, kidnapper, and femme fatale is bad enough, but add Muriel’s zany yet loveable family to the mix and their desire to win the coveted D-DAY (Death Defying Act of the Year) Award, and the situation can only get worse. To read an excerpt, click here: http://amzn.to/pg67sx

Anne’s cozy, comedic mystery is recipient of the prestigious 2011 Holt Medallion Award of Merit!

 Thank you, Ann , for visiting my blog today, and congratulations!

To Purchase, click on Book Cover

If you leave a comment here on my blog, your name will also go into the drawing for a free copy of Reticence of Ravens (three copies in total, randomly selected by Buster!)


19 Responses to “Welcome to Anne K. Albert”

  1. Thanks, Mad and Wendy, and yes, persistence is key.

    Yet, sadly most authors work at home and the work week is usually 24/7. That in itself is not healthy! We need to know when to take a day to recoup, re-energize and re-group. 🙂

  2. mmgornell said

    Anne, so glad you’ve stopped by. Your post and the comments have been wonderful.


  3. W.S. Gager said

    Anne: I too enjoy eavesdropping. Great way to get dialogue right. I’m so glad you worked out of your disatisfaction for your WIP. Your comments for the last couple days were worriesome. A writer can never give up!
    W.S. Gager on Writing

  4. Thanks, Mike. I also have to entertain myself when I’m writing.

    I realized that when my current WIP (work-in-progress for non-writers) ground to a halt. I didn’t want to write it, despite being under deadline. It took some time, but I finally realized I needed to add more suspense. (It’s book 2 of my romantic suspense series and while the romance part was fine, there wasn’t a dead body or killer in sight and therefore not as much fun for me to write!)

    I cranked up the suspense, and voila, I’m a happy camper.

    What can I say? Writers are strange creatures!

  5. Madeline, thank you so much for inviting me to the desert. It’s a wonderful place!

  6. Marilyn, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who eavesdrops with my hubby close by. These poor guys who married us. They suffer so much!

  7. Ah, Jackie. You’re too modest. You completed the first tour this past summer and signed up for the 2nd one. Pretty soon you’ll be arranging them! 😉

  8. I’m not much of a singer, John, but if you start I’ll join in!

  9. LOL, Jean. I do it with my husband right there, and then I usually say, “Did you hear THAT?!” He never does!

  10. On the downside of listening, Kitty, I have a hard time when I’m in a group of more than six or eight people. It’s almost an obsession, but I want to listen to every single conversation going, and as a result I miss the one I’m supposed to be involved in and/or catch snippets of everything else. I’m always afraid someone will think I’m rude or worse, not too bright!

  11. Thank you, Alice. When a reader admits I made they smile or even laugh out loud, I feel as if I’ve succeeded.

    I’ll admit there are days when I don’t feel like promoting, but I make an effort to do at least one thing. That adds up over time, and as long as I think of this as a marathon not a sprint, I can cope!

  12. Loved your post, Anne, although I’ve got to say the least favorite part of the writing game for me is promoting. Dang it. I applaud your goal of entertaining your readers!

  13. Kitty Kladstrup said

    Thanks Anne–very enjoyable commentary. I love that you eavesdrop–I think every good novelist has to be observant in a rather profound way. Let’s call it observation–or call it eavesdropping–I think it’s critical to the process. (And, fun!) Will look forward to reading one of your books soon!

  14. Your work is very entertaining, Anne, and I look forward to reading much more. (I also eavesdrop when my husband’s not around.)

  15. Anne, entertaining the reader is a noble goal. Our theme song should be “Let Me Entertain You.” And obviously, you do!

  16. I wish I shared your love of promoting, Anne. But I am enjoying our blog tour. This is fun.

  17. Hi, Anne, I too love to eavesdrop. (Hubby isn’t so thrilled when he knows I’m doing it in a restaurant and he’s there.)

    Entertaining the reader is a great goal for all of us writers,

    Thank you again for all the work you did putting together this fun tour.

  18. mmgornell said

    Welcome, Anne! I am so pleased to be hosting our blog tour leader on this first day of December. I loved your Reader Wishes and think you’re right on the mark. Have a wonderful day here in the desert…


  19. Your goal of entertaining the reader certainly worked on me. Keep it going.

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