February 19, 2012

Coming Soon…

A New Route 66 Trilogy

A brother’s call for her immediate presence in Palm Springs draws Margot Madison-Cross from her beloved Chicago waterfront—to California’s uncompromising Mojave Desert. The only possible bright spot is the opportunity to see her niece Camille. Still, even before she leaves the comfort of her penthouse, Margot senses inexplicable danger, and fears the worst for her brother.

Indeed, Margot quickly realizes she is ill-prepared for Graham’s actual news, Camille’s medical world, and the Mojave–including its inhabitants. And before she can deal with her brother and unpleasant family secrets, murder rears its ugly head in wind-battered Mojave County— putting her niece’s safety and future in peril. Margot needs to think and act fast. But a monumental sand storm, a cave-like Quonset hut, repercussions from past events, and a torrential rain storm conspire against her. All the while, Graham’s horrible secret hangs over all their futures.

And though Margot’s enviable panorama of Lake Michigan’s waterfront is worlds apart from her niece’s kitchen-window desert view, the two women are inexorably bound by genealogy, medical connections, and most importantly—love. Nonetheless, so much of their worlds, relationships, and what Margot must do, is based upon Lies of Convenience


11 Responses to “Teaser”

  1. mmgornell said

    Thanks for visiting, Rusty! It’s taking FOREVER, hard to be patient. Hope to see you at a CWC meeting soon!


  2. Ooohhhh…. sounds like a good one, Madeline. Can’t wait to read it.

  3. mmgornell said

    Me too, Ann! Knew we were kindred spirits. You’re right, truly beautiful, but those winds coming in off the lake in the winter–are never to be forgotten!!! Especially when you’re standing on the corner waiting for a bus (we called it CTA way back then)


  4. AnnNoE said

    I was born and raised in Chicago. I love Lake Michigan – it’s the only lake I know that you can’t see across and it looks like an ocean with its breaking waves.

  5. mmgornell said

    Thanks, Marilyn! Taking forever–at least that’s how it seems. Working on the next one, a Reticence of Ravens sequel, I’m inspired by you to get two books a year out! (ha ha!) Doubt I’ll make it–but I’m trying.


  6. I love the cover! Really goes with your others. Anxious to read this one.

  7. mmgornell said

    Oddly enough, Jackie, one big piece of inspiration for this book came from a beloved cousin’s apartment view on Michigan Ave in Chicago near where Route 66 starts–not where I am! She doesn’t live in a penthouse, but her view is grand. But all the locations in the Mojave are places on or near Mojave parts of Route 66 that have grabbed me.

  8. Sounds exciting! Does this trilogy stem from your Route 66 trip you took last year (or was it the year before)?

  9. mmgornell said

    Thanks AnnNoE and Colleen, I’ll keep you posted.


  10. AnnNoE said

    Sounds great! Can’t wait. 🙂

  11. Can’t wait to read it!

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