A Blog Tour Welcome to Jean Henry Mead

April 16, 2012

Jean, glad to visit with you again. I’ve so enjoyed our previous chats, and it’s a real pleasure to host you as the first author on our new tour. What fun, and welcome to the Mojave!

Jean Henry Mead

Jean Henry Mead is a national award-winning photojournalist as well as a mystery-suspense novelist. She writes the Logan and Cafferty mystery suspense series featuring two 60-year old feisty amateur women sleuths in A Village Shattered, Diary of Murder and Murder on the Interstate. Her children’s mysteries consist of Mystery of Spider Mountain and Ghost of Crimson Dawn.

Challenges — I’ve been fortunate to have published every book I’ve written, but I had the advantage of beginning my writing career as a news reporter, a job I was hired to do while serving as editor-in-chief of my college newspaper in California. I worked 35 hours a week while taking 15 credit hours each semester. So it was a do-or-die situation because I was the divorced mother of four young daughters. I learned to sit down and write, no matter how I was feeling or whether I had to take my preschool youngest daughter to classes with me. (She now teaches advanced middle school students.)

With 17 published books, I’ve reached my writing goals. I no longer long for a bestseller and I’m satisfied with how my career has evolved. I’ve had ten publishers over the years, I’ve published other writers’ books with my small press, Medallion Books, and as of last fall I now publish my own. I still have a book, Mysterious Writers, with Poisoned Pen Press, which has sold well and I recently published another book of interviews, The Mystery Writers, featuring Sue Grafton, Lawrence Block and a host of other bestselling and award-winning writers as well those still struggling to reach their own their goals.

On your writing horizon— I’m completing a western historical mystery novel that I began researching more than 20 years ago. No Escape: The Sweetwater Tragedy is based on the true story of young couple, Ellen and James Averell, who were hanged by Wyoming cattlemen because they wanted their homestead land. I read about them while I spent two years at a microfilm machine researching a nonfiction centennial history. I vowed then that I would write their story, but everyone believed the lies that cattlemen told about Ellen, that she took calves from cowboys for her “favors.” Even her own family members were convinced and I got into an argument with her great-nephew in his feed store when he called her a prostitute. I was working full-time on other books so my research was hit-and-miss until George Hufsmith published a book about the Averells, which he had spent 20 years constantly  researching. (Bless you, George.) Due to his exhaustive research, I’m now able to accurately write my historical mystery.

Also, besides the contemporary novels in my Logan &Cafferty mystery-suspense series, I write the Hamilton Kids’ mysteries as well as nonfiction books, so I have a lot of writing to do this year.

The most pleasure and/or satisfaction–Writing brings me a great deal of pleasure, and aside from when I’m in the zone writing novels, my most pleasure comes from featuring other people in my interview books; particularly writers. My fifth and most recent interview  book, The Mystery

The Mystery Writers

Writers, is a great collection of interviews  and writing advice. I can say that because I’m only the editor. The interviews originated at my Mysterious Writers blog site and I didn’t want them to go to waste, so I incorporated them into another book, this time in print as well as Kindle and Nook editions.

Thank you for your invitation to appear here, Madeline. I’ve enjoyed our visit here in the Mojave Desert.

Jean’s website is at: www.jeanhenrymead.com and her Mysterious Writers blog site is: http://mysteriouspeople.blogspot.com/

I’ll be giving away a print copy of The Mystery Writers as well as an ebook copy at the conclusion of the tour in a drawing from among visitors who leave comments at my blog sites.

Jean, loved visiting, and thanks for such wonderful comments!


Don’t Forget:

Buster will also be selecting winners of three of my latest at the end of our tour.


12 Responses to “A Blog Tour Welcome to Jean Henry Mead”

  1. Jean, you already know I’m a big fan of your work and eagerly await your next book. Few have worked as hard as you for success or deserve it more.

  2. mmgornell said

    Jackie and Jacqueline, thanks so much for stopping by! Jean didn’t/doesn’t have great access to the internet and having a hard time getting responses through too… So until this glitch is worked out, let me say how glad I am you stopped by. Jean is a remarkably energetic author–and so glad you visited my site.


  3. “…published every book I’ve written…”

    What a statement! I’m really impressed. I still have 3 unpubs hanging around. And I can hardly wait to read your historicals.

  4. You made me hungry to taste some of your books. The Mystery Writers book is intriguing, and I’m always looking for children’s series to review. Amazon…. here I come!

  5. It’s always interesting reading about what you’re doing, Jean. I, too, already have a copy of The Mystery Writers. Your western historical mystery sounds fascinating. Can’t wait for it to come out.

  6. Lou Allin said

    Wish we all were there at your lovely RV spot. Your publishing record is one any writer would envy! Obviously you did it “right” from the beginning.

  7. mmgornell said

    My Blog is giving Jean problems, so posting for her,

    “Thank you, Madeline, for hosting me today. Thanks also to Jinx, Colleen, Anne and Marilyn for your kind comments. I hope you enjoy reading The Mystery Writers.”


  8. mmgornell said

    Welcome, Jean, and we’re off to a great start!

  9. I’m back in Mexico with iffy Internet, but working fairly well today. Bummed not to be on this tour, but will be back in fast ether for the next! Jean, love your blog…and who knows, that best seller could still be one you h ave already written!!!

  10. Colleen Walsh Fong said

    Thanks for terrific post, Madeline. I’ll definitely read The Mystery Writers.

  11. Super to be part of the 3rd Mystery We Write Blog Tour, and so cool to rub elbows with you both.

    Madeline. I’d like to plug your interview on my blog at http://tinyurl.com/7dubhok and remind readers to enter your draw for your giveaway. 🙂

    Jean, I have a copy of The Mystery Writers, so no need to enter my name in the draw. BUT I want to commend you on a super job. Great interviews, sage advice for the beginner or seasoned writer, lots of fun tidbits, and a fantastic read. Kudos!

  12. Hi, Jean, the book you’re working on now sounds fascinating.

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