Off to Paraguay!

May 20, 2012

A “What I thought book review.”

A. B. Fowler

A little about A. B. She is a former teacher of Spanish, French and English, and A.B. Fowler is the published author of 20 mid-grade scary/horror stories. Her book, Ten Minute Terrors, was distributed by Troll Books along with one of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series. Her first adult novel, The Jesuit Papers, won an award at the East of Eden Conference, and her two-time  award-winning animated feature film–

Omarr The Camel

Omarr the Camel – currently under option to Snowfall Films – is scheduled for distribution in 2012. She spent three years on the staff of Retailer News Magazine and two years as Associate Editor of The Fringe, a literary anthology. [i]

And now, The Jesuit Papers takes an HONORABLE MENTION at the LOS ANGELES BOOK FESTIVAL!

I first met Anne at one of my early High Desert California Writers Club (HD CWC)[ii] meetings. She’d read Reticence of Ravens and told me she liked it! Of course, I immediately liked Anne—and not just because she liked my book! (smile) She is a very warm and nice person—and an excellent writer. (more on that to come) First, to digress for a couple sentences, I’d like to put in a plug for the High Desert Branch of the CWC. It’s an example of what I call “connections.” First, I had met author Marilyn Meredith at an event in Hanford, CA, then Marilyn came from out of town to speak to the HD CWC group and mentioned the fact to me. At which point I said, what group? So there “they” were near me, a wonderful group of writers right under my nose (well, just an hour away)—and I found out about them from someone who doesn’t live in the area. You never know…

The Jesuit Papers

I was immediately attracted to Anne’s book because of its title. Adventure! Intrigue! Puzzle!—immediately came to mind. And as a graduate of a Jesuit college way-back-when, the title carried a double-whammy. Admittedly, I’m a diehard mystery reader, and guessed The Jesuit Papers was more of an adventure/romance, but I’d heard A. B. Fowler was a good writer, so I didn’t hesitate.

So glad I did, because The Jesuit Papers was a good read. One of the things I liked a lot, was the intermingling of interesting information (most I didn’t know!) within the story without slowing down the action or reader—such as, the history of Paraguay and Mayan calendar details—especially in this year of 2012. It’s clear Anne knows what she’s talking about. Also, as a reader I like being “taken away,” and she transported me to Paraguay with ease–no easy task because the jungle is not a location I have knowledge of, or an infinity for! And that “taking me away” was often done with lovely imagery. For example,”…acres of tropical garden where the scent of orange blossoms clung like a tantalizing perfume…” or “Evaporating moisture rose like steam, filling their nostrils with the stench of rotting vegetation.” Wonderful!

And oh yes, the plot was intriguing enough to keep a mystery lover engaged. The characters were well developed, and most importantly, people I wanted to root for—and balancing against that were strong villains. So enjoy good villains!

Here’s a short blurb:

Will the world end on December 21, 2012, as the Mayan Calendar predicts? Linguistic scholar, Kat Hamilton, doesn’t know. But her father, a world renowned archaeologist and Mayan expert, believes an ancient underground civilization hidden deep beneath the South American jungles holds the key; he summons Kat to help him.

When she arrives in Asunción, Paraguay, Kat must accompany Nick Ramsey to La Quinta–his vast empire in the heart of the jungle—to translate an encoded Latin journal, The Jesuit Papers. The task proves harder than anticipated, and living at La Quinta holds perils of its own, not the least of which is Kat’s growing attraction to Nick.

Before it’s over, she is kidnapped by treasure seekers and taken into the deep recesses of the Upper Chaco, where she is beset by vampire bats, insects, and Toba Indians—a tribe of flesh eating cannibals. But what else could one expect from the region of forest and swampland that Paraguayan natives call Green Hell?

What I thought–

The Jesuit Papers is a well written and enjoyable book! Looking forward to a sequel…


6 Responses to “Off to Paraguay!”

  1. jblinco said

    Have marked for future reading. Thank you for an excellent review.

  2. mmgornell said

    Me too, Jackie, on the being here! Kindle is toooo full.

  3. Indeed! A very interesting book! And…. I wonder what she discovered about the Mayan calendar. (Don’t worry, I plan to still be here on December 22, 2012 – got too many books to read!)

  4. mmgornell said

    Thanks Marilyn and Colleen for stopping by! I read on my Kindle and it went fast! Yes, besides the Jesuits, the Mayan calendar angle drew me in.

  5. Colleen Walsh Fong said

    What a timely subject, considering all the buzz about the world ending this year. This a book I’ll definitely read. Thanks for letting us know about it Madeline.

  6. marilynm said

    Wow! Intersting post and sounds like a fascinating book.

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