Book Club Thursday…

May 24, 2012

I was introduced to book clubs/reading groups way back when in previous lives. After moving to the Mojave, I sure missed those get-togethers. So, I had to start one here in my new home! Once a month, on third Thursdays, we get together—eat, talk, laugh a lot, and discuss the current month’s book. Our main rule is, we don’t have any rules! Although, we do have a consensus not to talk politics or religion.

When we can, we also share and pass on books to each other.  Everyone has different tastes—and that’s the beauty of it! Left to my own devices, I’d only read mysteries. But since we started (2005), I’ve read history, biographies, mainstream fiction, thrillers, scary (though I skip a lot of passages in the “scary” category), fantasy, romance… It’s wonderful!

Any Thursday, if you send me an email, you can order directly from me, signed copies of my books at a special reader group price. The only catch is–you need to order at least three of the same title–$25 (total price for all three!), and I pay postage.

And if you have book club stories to share, feel free to send to me for posting, or comment here.

 Happy Reading!

M. M. Gornell Novels


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