Struggle, Joy, Insight…

May 25, 2012

Beware : Blatant Self Promotion

(But Dobie is giving away another copy of Lies of Convenience)

Post redux, as they say…

Now Available!

Lies of Convenience
by M.M. Gornell

Lies of Convenience has just been released in paper and eBook. That’s the JOY part! Getting to this point was the STRUGGLE, and what I’m now thinking about the whole process–is the INSIGHT.

After deciding to write this blog about the release, my second thought was–who would be interested in reading the back-story about it? The darned book was finally out, so what the heck? My third consideration, though, was to remember the blog tour I’d just finished, and as a writer and reader, how much I enjoyed hearing how other writers did their thing–from research, through process, through characters and setting–through publication–including even their office environments. So, along with saying YAHOO! my latest book is finally out, thought I’d add a couple comments. Starting with the best part–

JOY! There is nothing like the feeling of holding your latest, touching the paper, smelling the book, looking at the words (even seeing the e-file is a good feeling–though not quite the same) All the words I can think to describe the feeling are superlative and over the top–but oh, so true. And the thought someone can now read your words, see the mental pictures you see, enjoy your stories–feels sooooooo good.

STRUGGLE! Finished Lies of Convenience last fall–only completing the publishing “get to market” process recently–and that’s a really long story more apropos for sharing over a glass of wine at a conference! “It wasn’t easy” about sums it up. And as to editing–you’d think I’d be better at it by now–I’ve had to fix “gremlin” screw-ups even in an already well edited manuscript, and continually through each proof, including the final paper proof. Some examples? Some of the less horrendous things I didn’t see are–question marks missing, question marks that should be there, articles that shouldn’t be there, and ones that are missing, unneeded “that-s,” a wrong character name even… Endless. And I only edited the manuscript–maybe 50 times? Well, sure seems like it…

So, dear readers, those errors you still find, someone else put them there. I usually blame Buster, or sometimes Tempe (smile). Truth is, if it weren’t for my agent and editor extraordinaire, even in my FINAL proof, there would still be multitudinous snafus. Thank you, Kitty Kladstrup!

The INSIGHT in all this? Indeed, sometimes I wonder why I keep going through the “publishing” hell. The answers are obvious–I Love to write–and I Love for a reader to say, I enjoyed your work! And like I mentioned earlier, having the book in hand is truly wonderful–but bringing  joy to readers trumps everything–and well worth the hassle of getting my words out into the world for others to enjoy.

I still remember my own joy of escaping into wonderful fictional worlds of other authors as a young girl…

Sure hope you enjoy my latest…

Available in paper and eBook — Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, or signed copy directly from me. I pay postage.





PS. Dobie (she’s new), wants to give away a hot-off-the-press copy of Lies of Convenience to a commentator to this blog. I thought it a great idea! So be sure to leave your email if you comment. Dobie is a very smart dog…


10 Responses to “Struggle, Joy, Insight…”

  1. mmgornell said

    Thanks, Jackie for stopping by! I’m scheduled to have some more copies in my little hands this Friday. As soon as I receive, A fresh off the press copy will be coming your way! Thank you, Jackie for following my blog, very much appreciated.


  2. I can’t imagine the JOY of holding a real, published book of my own in my hand. And I don’t know if I’d have the wherewithal to complete the struggle to get there. Thanks for giving us that insight. Excited to be reading your book when it arrives!

  3. mmgornell said

    The wine is on me, Anne! We WILL get together… Thanks for stopping by and the congrats!

  4. Anne K. Albert said

    Congratulations, Madeline, on the joy and the struggle. What doesn’t kill us makes us writers! As for that chat over a glass of wine, I SO hope we get to do that one day, my friend. It would be a blast!

  5. mmgornell said

    Thanks, Ann, glad you like the cover! Actually, it starts with a picture from down the road from me. Congratulations–a 25th anniversary edition is a fabulous thing! You should be very proud. Would love to hear about your book trailer adventure…

    Oh Holi, you do understand! I didn’t mention the part of saying good bye–you’re so right, my characters have become friends by the end.

    Dobie said to tell you, Jake, that she’s sooo glad you dropped by. Her one regret in life is she’s can’t read. Of course she has me to read to her.

    Cindy, thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you’re starting a new book, very exciting, and I wish you hours of enjoyment and pleasure bringing your words into the world.

    And Sue, so sorry logging on is giving you problems–that can be sooo frustrating. It sure makes me feel wonderful you made the effort–several times!! You are true sister-in-crime.

    You’re all in Dobie’s basket. Will probably leave this blog up to Friday, then Dobie will pick and I’ll announce winners.


  6. Cindy Sample said

    I share your joy and your pain as I begin my third book. Thanks for sharing the writer’s story so succintly. Can’t wait to read it and I promise I won’t look for typos!

  7. jblinco said

    Hey Dobie: I am reading your persons last one with great delight. Would love to add her latest to my reading library & then on to local library collection. Writing, publishing, angst of writers is understood by we grateful readers. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all readers.

  8. Madeline, I do the same with a ms. Except I edit throughout the entire process, and often don’t move on until I’ve re-read everything I’ve written so far and try to clean it up. I’ve heard that’s the worst way to write, but it’s what I do. Congrats on the new book. I know what a painful process it can be until you finally get to hold your baby, and then sometimes knowing it’s over and your characters are no longer “with” you every day is just as painful. I get a little depressed when it’s finally over, almost like someone has died because I can’t hang out with my characters until I start writing another book.

  9. awlasky said

    *through* – who says I need an editor? 🙂

  10. awlasky said

    Madeline, What a great cover! I understand your hell – going throught it again with my 25th Anniversary edition of my dark poetry chapbook, The Castleweaver’s Tales. Learning how to make a book trailer, even as we speak. 🙂

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