My Love Affair with Gordon Butler…

July 8, 2012

So much fun reading the next installment in a series you really like!

F.M. Meredith

In the early days when I first started reading F. M. Meredith’s Rocky Bluff series I was immediately smitten with Gordon Butler, one of Rocky Bluff ‘s officers. Something about him touched a sympathetic note somewhere within. Well, in No Bells, Marilyn’s latest in the series, Gordon gets to star! Indeed, I’ve already waxed-on about how the Rocky Bluff cast of characters feels like family in a recent Amazon review.

In this particular adventure the reader gets to know more about all the different “home” families of the Rocky Bluff “police department” family. I especially liked catching up with the Navarros–another interesting family.

I’m an avid mystery fan and love good characters and interesting back stories, so I thoroughly enjoyed Marilyn’s latest in this series. Finished in two days, and it took that long only because my eyes wore out. Would have stayed up all night to find out what was going to happen–murder wise, and character wise. A mark of a good story teller.

No Bells by
F.M. Meredith

As always, Marilyn’s writing is snappy, moving you along effortlessly through the story. And most importantly, making you care about Gordon and what will happen to him physically and emotionally. For me, a key to holding my interest in a story. Yep, Gordon is my favorite, (sorry Stacey and Doug–though I do like you too) and in this book, I sure found myself cheering for Gordon. If you’re also a Gordon Butler fan, this is a story for you. And if you’re not familiar with Marilyn’s writing, her style is so smooth–never getting in the way of the story. Enjoyable all the way.

Looking forward to many more adventures in “Rocky Bluff Land.” And Gordon is welcome at my house anytime–as I once mentioned in an earlier post on An Axe to Grind…

And lucky me, I’ll be seeing Marilyn soon in Vegas at the annual PSWA Conference.

11 Responses to “My Love Affair with Gordon Butler…”

  1. A great tribute to Marilyn’s writing, Madeline.

  2. mmgornell said

    Thank you everyone–Madison, Patricia, Denise, Billie, Gayle, Thelma, Jackie, and Wendy– for visiting today! Nice to know I’m not the only one goofy about Gordon! Marilyn’s interview will be up until next Sunday. Your taking the time to comment means a lot…


  3. W.S. Gager said

    I loved Gordon too because he is the underdog. Great job on the blog and book!

  4. Am looking forward to reading NO BELLS, as soon as we get settled a bit in our new house. (Moving is a killer! – hey, is that a title of a mystery??) I have a few other books that I want to start too, but this is near the top – mostly because of what has been said about Marilyn’s great characters. Here I come, Gordon Butler!

  5. Marilyn, we have to do a little BSP – if I am not for myself who will be – somebody famous said that… You deserve the accolades! Thelma in Hottest Manhotttten —

  6. What’s not to like about Gordon? I totally enjoyed No Bells and meeting the memorable characters who inhabit that piece of real estate.

  7. Madeline…thanks for a great review! I love the RBPD books too, so much so that I weaseled Marilyn into re-releasing the first four, done before she brought this great series to OTP. And they are available now, folks!

    I enjoyed Gordon’s exploits in the previous RBPD titles, but I never thought of myself as a Gordon fan until this one, but I got SO MAD at a certain romantic interest in this novel….I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I will just stop at that…read the book to know what I mean, ya’ll!

    Billie Johnson
    Oak Tree Press

  8. Sounds as if I need to pick up this series for sure! Thanks for sharing (I need reviews and reviewers to be an early filter because there are so many books out now and it’s tough to know where to begin to find a good read!)

  9. Oh, Madeline, what a great review to wake up to. I love Gordon too. He’s so much fun to write. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  10. I love Marilyn’s writing style. “No Bells” is definitely on my TBR list!

  11. madisonjohns said

    Great review, thanks for sharing!

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