Welcome: Patricia Gligor

November 26, 2012

Patricia Gligor

We’re off and Touring…

I first met Patricia on a similar blog-tour. Soooo glad we’ve connected and are now on tour together!

Patricia Gligor is a Cincinnati native. She enjoys reading mystery/suspense novels, touring and photographing old houses and traveling, especially to the ocean. Mixed Messages, the first novel in her Malone Mystery Series, was published in April 2012 by Post Mortem Press. Unfinished Business is the second novel in the series.

Blog: http://pat-writersforum.blogspot.com/Patricia Gligor’s Amazon page: http://tinyurl.com/8sd2cz4

What I enjoy most about “The Writing Life”

Madeline asked me this question: “What do you enjoy most about the writing life?” The first response that popped into my head was “The days when it’s snowing outside and I get to stay in my PJs all day, doing what I love to do: write.” And, seriously, I do love those days! Unfortunately they’re few and far between because I have other obligations and responsibilities, as we all do, that take me away from my computer far more than I’d like.

So, I guess the thing I enjoy second most about the writing life is the fact that I am able, most of the time, to juggle my writing and marketing with everything else. When I worked full-time as an administrative assistant for a large corporation, I punched a time clock Monday through Friday and, after working at a computer all day, when I got home in the evenings, I was lucky to check my email. That left the weekends and, since I had family obligations which took up my Saturdays, Sunday was the only day I had to write. And, let’s face it, a girl likes (and needs) to have fun sometimes. Not having enough time to write was very frustrating!

Then, in 2009, a wonderful thing happened: I lost my job. The company I worked for eliminated my position company wide. One minute I had a job and, the next minute, I didn’t. As you read that first sentence, you were probably wondering why I would consider losing my job to be “a wonderful thing.” Well, I didn’t – at first. I panicked, I cried, I didn’t know what I was going to do.

One day it hit me; I now had the time to do what I’d always dreamed of doing: finishing the novel I’d been working on for years! And, that’s exactly what I did. I finished writing Mixed Messages, the first novel in my Malone mystery series, and I went on to write the sequel,

Patricia, her publisher, Eric Beebe,
his wife, and his mother

Unfinished Business. One of the happiest days of my life was the day that Eric Beebe, of Post Mortem Press, sent me an email, accepting Mixed Messages. I literally did the dance of joy! This was my dream come true, something I’d been working toward and praying for my entire life. And, when Eric sent the acceptance email for Unfinished Business, I cranked up the music and danced again! Thank you, Eric!

But there’s another aspect of the writing life that is almost as important as writing: marketing and promoting. You may write the great American novel but, if no one knows about it, your family and friends could be the only people who ever get to read it. I have someone else to thank for steering me in the right direction in that area. Thank you, Sunny Frazier. Oh and by the way, I enjoy that part of my writing life too mostly because I’ve met so many wonderful writers online, including you, Madeline, and formed friendships that mean so much to me.

(Oh Patricia, I so enjoyed hearing about your acceptance by Mortem Press! I think that moment in an author’s life is such a joy! Congratulations…)

At the end of the blog tour, I will be giving away one copy of Unfinished Business, the second novel in my Malone mystery series. Leave a comment and you’re automatically entered to win. Please include your email address with your comment so that, if your name is selected, I may contact you to get your mailing address. The winner will be announced on my blog: http://pat-writersforum.blogspot.com/ on December 11. Best of luck!


AND – Don’t forget Buster, Dobie, and Mugs (the latest) are each drawing a name from comments for free copies of Lies of Convenience (or a M.M. Gornell title of your choosing)!


27 Responses to “Welcome: Patricia Gligor”

  1. Jake said

    OK dogs pick me. Seems I missed this blog yesterday. Too many ads. Enjoyed reading your blog even if a day late. Like your books & style.

  2. mmgornell said

    Thanks, Patricia, for a wonderful visit!


  3. Wow, I feel like I know you much better now Patricia. Congrats on your upcoming books. Great post ladies!!

  4. Be sure to check out my blog tomorrow for an interview with MM Gornell!

  5. Marja,
    I can never thank you enough for all the support you’ve given me. And, I can’t wait to start writing the third novel for my series. If only life would get out of my way and just let me write. 🙂

  6. Thank you, Jean. Coming from you, that’s quite a compliment.

  7. Terrific blog, Patricia! I’m a fan and can’t wait for the next Malone mystery. So get busy already. : ) Your post allowed me to feel your joy for just a moment. Thanks!
    Marja McGraw

  8. Loved your post, Patricia. It’s been a plesure getting to know you. I look forward to reading both novels.

  9. Theresa and Joyce,
    Thank you!!!

  10. It’s so nice to hear about your ‘moments’ of doors opening! One door being the one out of your 9 to 5 and the second door being in to your editor’s house. These along with the moments of turning your computer on and off, writing a sentence here and there, sending out “just one more” submission combine to make for a wonderful writer’s life. Can’t wait to read Unfinished Business, Patricia.

  11. John,
    Thanks for stopping by. Isn’t it interesting how, sometimes, things in our lives that seem traumatic often have wonderful results?

  12. Lynette,
    Well, truthfully, the writing full time thing is still up in the air. Small press authors don’t make much money; for the most part, they do it because they LOVE it.

  13. Fine post, Pat. Who knew losing a job could be such a good thing? Congratulations on both your books, and best of luck!

  14. This is a new one author for me. I enjoyed your story about how you came to be published. What a wonderful thing to take something that seems to be horrible at the time (losing your job) and turning it into a blessing (being able to write full time!) Congrats on your success. I look forward to reading your books.

  15. Since I’m unfamiliar with WordPress, I can’t delete my last comment. So, I’ll leave another one to correct my mistake. What I meant to say was that, Marilyn, I enjoyed the Getting to know you interview you did on my blog and, Madison, I’m looking forward to your post on December 9th.

  16. Marilyn and Madison,
    Thanks so much for your comments. I’m looking forward to featuring each of you on my blog.

  17. Colleen,
    Thank you. I hope you enjoy both books. Please stop by my blog to read more about them.

  18. J.R.,
    I can’t wait to see what you think of “Unfinished Business.”

  19. Patricia found the silver lining in the dark cloud when she got the opportunity to complete Mixed Messages. I can’t wait to read the sequel.

  20. Patricia,
    Reading your response to Madeline’s question is just the inspiration I need on this tired, post-holiday day. I’d love to read your series.
    Colleen Walsh Fong

  21. marilynm said

    Patricia, I feel like we are good friends. Loved reading and learning more about you and how you feel about wriiting.

  22. What a great post and congrats on your success, and of course friendship!

  23. Madeline, thanks so much for inviting me to be here today. This should be a lot of fun!

  24. Hi Madeline % Patricia,
    It was so nice to learn more about you, Patricia, and how your writing career got started.

  25. mmgornell said

    Good morning, Patricia, and welcome to my blog and the first day of our Fall 2012 Mystery Writers Blog Tour! I’m so glad to be starting our tour with your thoughts on writing enjoyment. I’m sure we’ll have a great day.


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