Betwixt and Between…

March 10, 2013

Dr. Charlotte Lincoln, the fictional shrink for one of my characters, Hubert James Champion III, calls the wee hours around three or so in the morning, “The Twilight Hours”—the time betwixt and between night and day. Well for me, no matter what my characters think, “The Twilight Hours” are those hours, days, weeks—between being almost finished with my current work-in-progress, and starting my next novel.

In this case, my current WIP is Counsel of Ravens, my very first sequel (a big deal for me) and my next novel is Rhodes—another standalone, and my first attempt at a more thrillerish(new word) mystery. COR is 99% finished. It’s that last one percent that’s seemingly so hard—every time. I’ve written all the fun parts, in particular the ending! But there are a couple connecting scenes that are necessary story telling wise—and it’s like pulling literary teeth. Ah well, here’s the cover at least, and the proclamation, “It’s coming, it’s coming…”

I’m thinking writing this blog will be the magic bullet to get Counsel of Ravens finished, through final edits, and off to my publisher–waiting for me! There’s even an ad ready for publicity. It would help if time would just stand still for a couple days…

New book in the betwixt and between Twilight Zone

New book in the betwixt and between Twilight Zone


Topography, climate, scenery. When you think about all the different environments Route 66 touches as it forges westward from Chicago to the Pacific Ocean—the mind boggles. From Chicago’s sophisticated big city hubbub and bejeweled lakefront, to the movie-hub ambiance and sun soaked ocean beaches of Los Angeles and environs—what a ride! Literally and culturally.

And amongst of all those locations—each offering myriad possibilities for intrigue, murder, and mayhem—this author’s mind remains captivated by California’s Mojave Desert. Stark, heat-baked, wind battered, and in-your-face—yet oddly comforting and sheltering. How can that be?

Hubert James Champion III continues to wonder…


7 Responses to “Betwixt and Between…”

  1. mmgornell said

    Michael, seems like “yesterdays” are flying by faster than they can become “todays,” if that makes any sense. So glad we met through Route 66, and still remember seeing you in person in Victorville. It was a wonderful festival for me! And HA! on being envious of me–this writing stuff gets hard sometimes–though I do love it. And I encourage you to get “it” out there if you’re so inclined–though the challenges and hurdles are sometimes pretty darn big. I’m behind your efforts 100%, my Massachusetts friend!


  2. mmgornell said

    Oh Colleen, it makes me feel soooooo good knowing there’s a friend waiting to read my stories. Much appreciated.

  3. mmgornell said

    Patricia, thank you so much for your continued support! I’ll get there…

  4. mecantone said

    No pressure,
    We Want It Yesterday!
    I’m so envious, really.

  5. Hurry up! We want to read it!

  6. Madeline,
    This is great news! I’ve read two of your novels – and loved them. Can’t wait for the next two!

  7. marilynm said

    Know the feeling. Love the cover.

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