Shine On Blog Award

April 5, 2013

Shine On Blog Award

Shine On Blog Award

For me, receiving an honor of any type, always buoys my spirit and sends me to cloud-nine. So when fellow author and friend, Marilyn Meredith, honored me with the Shine On Blog Award, I was sooooo pleased.

Especially since I don’t consider myself a “good” blogger by conventional blog standards. Particularly, because I don’t blog on a regular basis, i.e. daily, weekly, etc. But it’s not for want of trying. It’s just I can’t seem to do anything anymore at a regular time, or on a regular basis. This is NOT a badge of honor, but a this-period-of- my-life reality. So I’m doubly honored that the blogs I have done, have been okay. (Thank goodness for Anne K. Albert’s blog tours!) They’ve given me the push I’ve needed at just the right times. I’ve rambled on a bit here, when mainly I wanted to thank Marilyn so much for thinking of me and my blog! It’s a great feeling.

I’m passing this lovely award forward to five other authors I’ve met during my “blogging life.” In particular, I would like to nominate Anne K. Albert, WS (Wendy) Gager, John M. Daniel, Jean Henry Mead, and Earl Staggs! All talented authors and bloggers. And I know about their writing from reading their work, and about their blogging abilities based on sharing several tour buses. (Anne was the organizer, and Earl our bus-driver). Fun days…

Anne not only has a wonderful blog where she asks authors interesting questions, but she also does an outstanding job of organizing Mystery We Write Blog Tours. Wendy has a fun and so enjoyable blog where her protagonist, Mitch Malone, grills other author’s characters John is not only an author, but also a publisher and teacher, and on his blog talks about The Joy of Story and sponsors 99word stories Jean not only has several blogs/websites, but she’s also published two volumes of author interviews! Then there’s Earl. I “met” Earl blog touring–he drove our bus! Earl’s blog can be found at where Earl posts the most thoughtful of blogs. Take a bow everyone!

Now, to answer several of Marilyn’s thoughtful questions, 1. What are your writing goals? What is the hardest thing about the writing life? 

My writing goal(s) is pretty simple and straight forward. I want to write books I’d love to read. That translates to: creating and developing interesting characters (good ones you want to root for and evil ones you want to “get it” in the end), creating an interesting world/setting/location and “taking the reader there,” and weaving a story that’s interesting and challenging—presented in a way a reader can’t stop reading! I know, that’s a “paragraph full,” and as challenging as those goals are, they are my goals. A writing teacher once told me, set your standards at the top of what you’d want, and you’ll always be motivated. I’m not that good at taking advice, but I listened (for once!), and the “striving” certainly keeps me interested, and often struggling. And another one of Marilyn’s questions flows from my writing goals–What is the hardest thing about the writing life? To more readily achieve my goals, I think, requires a certain amount of discipline that I just DO NOT have. “Seat of my pants,” for good or bad. Oh do I envy authors who write every morning, or write so many words a day, or so many hours a day…

And here’s my question for my nominees (I think it’s supposed to be five questions), but I’m not listening well–smile. If you pass this wonderful nomination on to deserving bloggers you want to honor, in your post, please answer the question, What are some of the most joyful parts of your writing life?

 Again, thank you Marilyn. And congrats to Anne, Wendy, John, Jean, and Earl! You’re all great bloggers!

12 Responses to “Shine On Blog Award”

  1. mmgornell said

    Thanks, Jean!, and congrats on your new book, No Escape the Sweetwater Tragedy.

  2. Congratulations, Madeline. No one deserves the award more than you. I’m flattered and honored to be nominated as well. Thank you!!!

  3. mmgornell said

    Thanks for stopping by, Lou! Looking forward to having a “Conversation With: Lou Allin real soon.

  4. Lou Allin said

    Congrats on this great award, MMG. Nobody deserves it more! Quality all the way for you!.

  5. mmgornell said

    Gayle, thanks so much for your words of encouragement–means a lot coming from YOU!

  6. Congratulations Marilyn. As for your goals, you do write characters that readers like. Too many writers have angst riddled heroes with too many flaws that aren’t likable, much less readable. And you paint wonderful pictures of your settings that make all your works a pleasure to read. Keep those wonderful people and places coming.

  7. mmgornell said

    Thanks, Sally! Didn’t make LCC this year, but hopefully will see you again in Monterrey! Appreciate your stopping by. Continued success…

  8. Sally Carpenter said

    Congrats on the award!

  9. mmgornell said

    Oh Patricia, you always make my day! Know that I also follow and like YOUR Blog! And, you’re disciplined–very envious!

    Marilyn, thank you for your continued kind words. The Shine On Award is an honor, indeed, and fun…

    Thank you Colleen, you have been such a faithful and supportive blog supporter–and can’t tell you enough or often enough how much your encouragement and support is appreciated!


  10. Congratulations all! You deserve this award!

  11. marilynm said

    You deserve the award, Madeline. When you do blog it’s always something worth reading.

  12. Madeline,
    For a “pantster” who claims to be a sporadic blogger and an undisciplined writer, you must be doing something right because I absolutely love your mystery novels! You know what they say? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 🙂

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