And the Winners Are…

July 17, 2013

Buster has done his paw thing, and the winners of copies of Counsel of Ravens are:


Jake, Ann, Jackie, Anne, & Michele

(if you don’t get an email from me by tomorrow, it means I couldn’t find your email address. In that case, please email me at

I know, I know, Buster had sticky paws again–three turned into five!


Thank you everyone for stopping by,


Alas, I’ve lied in the past saying a current book will be part of a yet to be written series or trilogy, then changed my literary mind. BUT, I have actually completed and had published my first sequel–Counsel of Ravens. Writing this one little sequel has been soooooooo challenging. I’m feeling pretty sure at this point, I’m a stand-alone kind of writer!

In some ways it was fun deciding which  “what if” possibilities to pursue, but it was very difficult to wrap up many of Hugh’s challenges, possibilities, eventualities…not sure what exactly to call them.

My wonderful friend and author, Marilyn Meredith, writes two series (two books a year!). She’s written several blogs on how she does it, but really, HOW does she do it? Truly amazing, and very, very humbling.

Anyway it’s done. Published. And, hopefully enjoyable! Counsel of Ravens is my fifth book (another landmark goal in my mind), and my first (and probably ONLY sequel), so to celebrate:

Buster is selecting  at least three (sometimes extra slips stick to his paws) commenters to receive  complimentary copies of Counsel of Ravens–paper or eBook, your choice! My tiny little way of saying thank you to everyone “who has taken a chance” and read my books.

New book in the betwixt and between Twilight Zone

Counsel of Ravens

Topography, climate, scenery. When you think about all the different environments Route 66 touches as it forges westward from Chicago to the Pacific Ocean—the mind boggles. From Chicago’s sophisticated big city hubbub and bejeweled lakefront, to the movie-hub ambiance and sun soaked ocean beaches of Los Angeles and environs—what a ride! Literally and culturally.

And amongst all those locations—each offering myriad possibilities for intrigue, murder, and mayhem—this author’s mind remains captivated by California’s Mojave Desert. Stark, heat-baked, wind battered, and in-your-face—yet oddly comforting and sheltering. How can that be?

Hubert James Champion III continues to wonder…



2 Responses to “And the Winners Are…”

  1. jblinco said

    Buster you and your writer are the best. Many thanks for using your paws to make my day. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

  2. Jackie Houchin said

    Oh, boy! Bring it next time we meet! Jackie


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