The Food is great, BUT…

August 19, 2013

The food at La Luna Negra in Old town Pasadena is wonderful–I especially like the Sinfuller Shrimp (tiger shrimp in chocolate, chipotle, and wine sauce!) It’s a real treat to go there for a “desert dweller” like me. BUT, to be with authors who you like and admire, talking all-things writing (well, maybe a few diversions) for several hours is a most marvelous experience. And I’m not exaggerating.

Here’s some examples of what I mean–I learned about a new author I’m dying to read (I know, I know, my book shelves and Kindle are crammed packed); a book selection for my book club; news from the publishing world; some Facebook tips; and literary successes (and challenges) of fellow writers. BUT, most of all, there’s the glow that fellow authors emanate. It’s hard to describe, but the effect is to be literarily energized, revitalized, and challenged. I was even inspired to write this blog (with a promise to one of the group to keep me honest to myself!)

It’s a couple hour drive for me from the Mojave to Pasadena–but so worth it. Going there I listen to audiobooks through earphones on my Kindle, and coming back–one of the best parts, my mind is focused on all things writing. I should add, I do pay attention to my driving coming and going. I find LA area drivers quite skillful, but many certainly like living on the automotive-driving-edge…

So why did I write this blog–I think to say “thanks” to ALL the writers, to be writers, and readers I’ve met along my writing journey–the knowledge and inspiration you’ve all so freely shared with me is immense! Value–priceless…

Even though I HATE (yes capital letters!) seeing myself in pictures, I had so much fun last Wednesday, here’s our picture–thanks to Jackie Houchin.

Gayle Bartos-Pool, Rosemary Lord, Jackie Houchin, Bonnie Schroeder, moi, and Kate Thornton

Gayle Bartos-Pool, Rosemary Lord, Jackie Houchin, Bonnie Schroeder, moi, and Kate Thornton

And while I’m here, my latest two books–Lies of Convenience and Counsel of Ravens have just been released in Hardback–exciting to me! So Buster will be at it again, picking two lucky winners from commenters–your choice of which book you’d like to receive. And even if you already have a copy in paperback or eBook(Thank you!), you’re still eligible–hardbacks make a great gift!


14 Responses to “The Food is great, BUT…”

  1. mmgornell said

    You would have enjoyed the camaraderie, I know I enjoyed talking with you at PSWA. You energized me! So glad you like COR, and your seal-of-approval means more to me than you could guess. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. mmgornell said

    Thank you, Sandra, for stopping by! Much appreciated–and you’re right, a smile often helps with many things…

  3. mmgornell said

    Jake, thanks for stopping by! I’ll make sure Buster knows you visited–I’m sure he’ll be impressed. I know he likes you…

  4. It sounds like a day I would have enjoyed, too. Glad you had such a good time. I just finished Counsel of Ravens and looooved it. I’ll do a review very soon.

  5. dehelen said

    I love spending time with writers too. And love reading books and leaving reviews for the author. re pix, you might not hate them so much if you smile for them, because you know, you’re a good looking woman.

  6. Jake said

    One of your faithful readers here responding to offer for a hardback copy. Delighted to learn you are going to hardback copies. Tell your fancy feline to pull me with her magic claws.

  7. mmgornell said

    You’re exactly right, Gayle! Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to future “energy” lunches. I’m still smiling from last week…

  8. Madeline, I am thrilled you drive down for our get-togethers. We have all become fans of your work. And we do encourage each other to go that extra mile to try something new in our work, or finally get that website finished, or to submit a short story to a contest. Writers need that from other writers. Writing might be a lonely enterprise, but with friends and fellow writers, it is a lot more rewarding.

  9. mmgornell said

    Oh Jackie, you can say that again about “prods in the butt” and being lost in my own little fictional worlds! Sometimes I really need the prod, and a dose of reality. I like taking my time reading some books, want time to savor. I’m just honored you like me writing–Hugh understands!(smile)

    Marilyn, we’re such kindred spirits! Thanks for stopping by–I know from FB you’re busy, busy, busy…

    It was fun, Kate! I love hearing about your latest, your adventures, and of course your award–great time. (Alas, I wish a hair cut could make me taller and thinner)

    Yes, Jackie, you sooooo understand–on all levels.

    Michele–Riverside!!!–so you know well about the drive, traffic, and how worthwhile the trip is. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I was also encouraged and challenged to hear you say you are at the beginning of writing TWO books! Oh, what it must be like to have books under your belt and be thinking along plot lines for the next one (or two)! I wish I was lost in such a fictional community of my own.
    Successes and awards hard-won by writers are flashes of light to a group like this. (And prods in the butt too!) We pick up the spark (or prick) and push on. As a reviewer and journalist I admire the book writers and am glad to be a part.
    PS: Counsel of Ravens is my next print book to read. Be patient, Hugh!

  11. I certainly agree. It happens all too seldom, so when it does we writers, especially those of us who live in the sticks, soak it up like a sponge.

  12. Yes, the food is great – but getting to sit next to M.M.Gornell – the mystery writer! – and chat, well, that’s what it’s all about. And I know what you mean about photos, Madeleline, although you look great as always. I was so dismayed at this one that I went out the next day and got a decent haircut!

    This particular group is a first-rate mix of serious writers who don’t take themselves too seriously. I am so delighted they let me join them, too. There’s nothing like talking to people who understand more than just your words – they understand what you feel.

  13. jtzortman said

    Well, I wrote this before and my computer dumped it somewhere. However, Madeline, I couldn’t agree more. Living in a remote tourist town in the Colorado mountains, there are a few other local authors, as you would expect. The rapport is simply different when talking to those who actually understand the blood, sweat and tears it takes from that first word written on the paper until you are holding your book in your hot little hand.

  14. I absolutely know what you mean about spending time with other writers, it’s engerizing and rejuvinating. And the drive…well, I lived in Riverside for years!

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