And the Winners Are…

August 26, 2013

Thank you everyone who commented on my post below! Buster has done his thing, and the winners  of a Hardback copy of either Lies of Convenience or Counsel of Ravens are: (supposed to be two, but Buster can’t seem to learn to count.)


Sandra de Helen, Michele Drier, and Jake Blinco

(I will email you with details–if you don’t hear from me today, please email me at


The food at La Luna Negra in Old town Pasadena is wonderful–I especially like the Sinfuller Shrimp (tiger shrimp in chocolate, chipotle, and wine sauce!) It’s a real treat to go there for a “desert dweller” like me. BUT, to be with authors who you like and admire, talking all-things writing (well, maybe a few diversions) for several hours is a most marvelous experience. And I’m not exaggerating.

Here’s some examples of what I mean–I learned about a new author I’m dying to read (I know, I know, my book shelves and Kindle are crammed packed); a book selection for my book club; news from the publishing world; some Facebook tips; and literary successes (and challenges) of fellow writers. BUT, most of all, there’s the glow that fellow authors emanate. It’s hard to describe, but the effect is to be literarily energized, revitalized, and challenged. I was even inspired to write this blog (with a promise to one of the group to keep me honest to myself!)

It’s a couple hour drive for me from the Mojave to Pasadena–but so worth it. Going there I listen to audiobooks through earphones on my Kindle, and coming back–one of the best parts, my mind is focused on all things writing. I should add, I do pay attention to my driving coming and going. I find LA area drivers quite skillful, but many certainly like living on the automotive-driving-edge…

So why did I write this blog–I think to say “thanks” to ALL the writers, to be writers, and readers I’ve met along my writing journey–the knowledge and inspiration you’ve all so freely shared with me is immense! Value–priceless…

Even though I HATE (yes capital letters!) seeing myself in pictures, I had so much fun last Wednesday, here’s our picture–thanks to Jackie Houchin.

Gayle Bartos-Pool, Rosemary Lord, Jackie Houchin, Bonnie Schroeder, moi, and Kate Thornton

Gayle Bartos-Pool, Rosemary Lord, Jackie Houchin, Bonnie Schroeder, moi, and Kate Thornton

And while I’m here, my latest two books–Lies of Convenience and Counsel of Ravens have just been released in Hardback–exciting to me! So Buster will be at it again, picking two lucky winners from commenters–your choice of which book you’d like to receive. And even if you already have a copy in paperback or eBook(Thank you!), you’re still eligible–hardbacks make a great gift!


One Response to “And the Winners Are…”

  1. jblinco said

    Tell Buster I will be sending premium catnip for his labors. Many thanks for win of hard copy. Now must decide which to select. Pacing in thought.

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