January 26, 2014


I’m not fond of surprises because it seems like often they aren’t something good. But, I let the email I knew I didn’t immediately have to address slide for several weeks. Finally,  I decided it was time for cleaning our my inbox! Well, there was an email from The London Book Festival asking me if I wanted to order gold stickers. And I thought, for what?

Counsel of Ravens

Counsel of Ravens

Well, as it turned out I’d won an Honorable Mention in their recent awards, and they’d just had their dinner in London. I’m soooooo thrilled. My congratulations to all the winners! Feels funny, thinking people in London (yes, I’m an admitted Anglophile) reading my words.

Just the thought of COR going to London makes me smile. Actually, any award makes me smile. Maybe it’s an ego thing, but I like to think it’s because someone else actually enjoyed what came out of my brain. There’s a certain intimacy, exposure, and even vulnerability with the experience.

I’m going to be very happy for a long time on this one…

Thank you, London Book Festival Judges!  Now, where’s  that sticker order form…?


8 Responses to “Re-energized!”

  1. How very cool, Madeline!

  2. mmgornell said

    Thanks, Mary! Means a lot coming from you!

  3. Mary Langer Thompson said

    Wondeful! Quite an honor. Celebrate and enjoy!

  4. mmgornell said

    Thank you Earl, Pam, Marja, and Patricia. Having friends who care about your writing might be the best part of this whole “writing” experience! I didn’t expect comments, so I’m thrilled and thank you for stopping by! It’s overcast, but the Sun is shining in my writing room…


  5. How wonderful, Madeline. Congratulations! Drink, dance and be delirious. You earned it.

  6. So awesome! Congrats, Madeline!

  7. I couldn’t be happier for you, Madeline! It’s an excellent book and deserves recognition. Congratulations!

  8. That’s great news, Madeline! And well deserved. I loved the book!

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