Welcome Marilyn Meredith (and Gordon)!

April 2, 2014

Marilyn Meredith

Marilyn Meredith

So glad to have Marilyn Meredith(1) aka F. M. Meredith visiting with me again. She is a wonderful and prolific writer, and has a new book out. Today she’s talking about one of the characters in her Rocky Bluff Police Department series — Gordon Butler. And as Marilyn points out, he’s one of my favorites!

Who is Gordon Butler?

Gordon has become a favorite of readers of the Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery series. In fact, I know my hostess for today is one of his fans.

When I first started writing about him, I based his looks on how my son-in-law looked when he became a rookie cop. That’s where the resemblance ended.

When I first wrote about Gordon, I had no idea he would play a role in most of the Rocky Bluff series, sometimes minor and sometimes more prominent.

Gordon Butler is a law enforcement officer who hasn’t had it easy in his private life or in his career.

He lost his wife to his partner. He’s fallen in love with what he thought was the perfect woman who turned out to be a murder suspect. And he now is attracted to the new female officer and he’d love for it to turn into a romantic relationship.

But anyone who has read any of the prior Rocky Bluff P.D. mysteries knows that nothing comes easily to Gordon. He has the best intentions, but things never seem to work out quite the way he hopes. That goes for his job too. Always a “by the book” kind of cop, somehow or other things seem to go wonky for Gordon, often making him the butt of his fellow officers jokes.

Marilyn's new RBPD Mystery

Marilyn’s new RBPD Mystery

What will happen to Gordon in Murder in the Worst Degree? I’m not going to tell, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

Thank you, Madeline, for hosting me today.

 Well, I can’t wait to read, and I’ll be cheering for Gordon all the way!

Murder in the Worst Degree: The body that washes up on the beach leads Detectives Milligan and Zachary on a murder investigation that includes the victim’s family members, his housekeeper, three long-time friends, and a mystery woman.

Buy at Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/n94hmju/


(1) F. M. Meredith aka Marilyn Meredith is the author of over 35 published books. She enjoys writing about police officers and their families and how what happens on the job affects the family and vice versa. Having several members of her own family involved in law enforcement, as well as many friends, she’s witnessed some of this first-hand.

Webpage: http://fictionforyou.com/

Blog: http://marilynmeredith.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marilyn.meredith/


AND , there’s a contest too:

Once again I am offering the opportunity to have your name used as a character in a book to the person who comments on the most blogs during this tour for Murder in the Worst Degree. Tomorrow I’m visiting Holli Castillo at http://www.gumbojustice.blogspot.com/

With Marilyn at recent LCC Conference in Monterrey

With Marilyn at recent LCC Conference in Monterrey


17 Responses to “Welcome Marilyn Meredith (and Gordon)!”

  1. Catherine, Gordon only resembles how my won-in-law looked way back when–his personality is his own.

  2. I love how you make Gordon human. It helps, of course, that he’s patterned after a real person. He has a multidimensional personality and that always appeals to readers.

  3. So glad you could stop by, Jackie.

  4. jtzortman said

    What a treat to have two of my favorite authors on the same blog! The new book sounds fascinating and I cannot wait to read it. Good job, ladies!

  5. Thanks, Thonie, I feel like I know all the officers of Rocky Bluff and their families.

  6. Wonderful post. I love reading about Marilyn’s characters!

  7. Cheryl, I am particularly fond of Gordon–but I do enjoy putting him in harm’s way–though things may be turning around for him. And Marja, he’s a fun character to write.

    Okay Mike Black, you turn out more books a year than I do. As for Gordon being a relation of Rhett Butler–afraid he didn’t inherit Rhett’s confidence, especially around females.

  8. Gordon is definitely my favorite character. If that guy didn’t have bad luck he would have no luck at all. I’m glad we’ll see more of him in this new installment.

  9. You continue to be an inspiration to the rest of us writers with your tremendous productivity. How many books does this make? I do have one question, though. Knowing your fondness for Gone With the WInd, I was wondering if Gordon was a descendant of Rhett Butler?

  10. I enjoy Gordon Butler, along with all of the characters. He is rather inspired though. : )

  11. Thank you, John, you’re a sweetheart.

  12. Read and reviewed the book. It’s another winner.

  13. I do hope we’ll have lots of visitors.

  14. mmgornell said

    Good morning, Marilyn! As always so glad to have you visiting! We’re going to have a great day.

  15. He is handsome, brave, and also vulnerable, I think that’s why so many like him.

  16. raynegolay said

    Love discovering new characters/protagonists. Gordon Butler certainly is new to me. He sounds interesting and the name is evocative of a handsome, muscular MAN 🙂

  17. Hi,Madeline, thanks for hosting me today. I love writing about Gordon.

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