April 6, 2014

If you missed…

A Conversation with:

Quintin Peterson 

Michael Black       

Earl Staggs             

Marja McGraw     

Patricia Gligor     

Lou Allin                    

Kurt Kamm          

Victoria Heckman

Kathleen A. Ryan

Julie Egert              

M. Albert Morningstar

Morgan St. James  

Jackie Houchin     

Jean Henry Mead 

Marilyn Meredith

Lorie Lewis Ham   

Rebecca Buckley     

John M. Daniel         

Such Interesting Conversations

Such Interesting Conversations

 And, there will be more to come!


5 Responses to “Memories….”

  1. mmgornell said

    Back home, LCC was wonderful, have a zillion emails–well not quite a zillion! Thanks for stopping by Patricia, Quintin, and Bonnie! (Bonnie, I kind of like Maldeline–hmm—a new characters name maybe?)


  2. Nothing like mis-spelling your hostess’ name–I’ll blame my aging eyesight. I meant to type MADELINE!

  3. What a cool idea, Maldeline. Thank you for inviting me to visit your blog, and I hope you had a splendid time at LCC!

  4. Excellent post! Keep up the good work, Madeline.

  5. Madeline, what a great idea for a post! And, thank you so much for including me!

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