Off to Writing…

May 18, 2014

Yes, it’s “off” to writing.  In the middle of one book, at the beginning of another, and the world keeps pulling at me, do this, do that, this has to be done–and truth is, some items do require attention–especially if it’s real life throwing pebbles in my way. But my own tendency to “flit” is the main culprit.  So, my new approach is to “go off” to writing, sorta like a writing vacation. A pretend thing, sort of. And everything else will just have to hang out there–except for my hubby, and my dogs, and my book club, and my garden, and my pottery— you see how I am!

I sure admire all of you out there, (as you can tell from the conversations below,) who can accomplish so much, who are so driven, so talented…  I’m off, not back until 10,000 words later!

 In the meantime, if you haven’t visited any of these role models below… (if the link doesn’t work–just put the name in “search.” )

A Conversation with:

Gayle Bartos-Pool

Quintin Peterson 

Michael Black       

Earl Staggs             

Marja McGraw     

Patricia Gligor     

Lou Allin                    

Kurt Kamm          

Victoria Heckman

Kathleen A. Ryan

Julie Egert              

M. Albert Morningstar

Morgan St. James  

Jackie Houchin     

Jean Henry Mead 

Marilyn Meredith

Lorie Lewis Ham   

Rebecca Buckley     

John M. Daniel         

I'm Inspired!

I’m Inspired!

More Great Authors, reviewers, publishers, and ??? coming to you this year!


3 Responses to “Off to Writing…”

  1. mmgornell said

    Thank you, Patricia and Marilyn, so nice to know I’m not alone! Does writing a comment reply count as writing? (smile)


  2. marilynm said

    But, Madeline, blogging is writing too! I’m finishing up a Tempe book, and it’s really been slow this time around.

  3. Madeline, thanks for listing me as one of your role models but, truth be told, I haven’t done any writing for some time. “Life” has been getting in the way but, like you, I intend to change that. Starting today! I’m going to get back to plotting my fourth Malone Mystery. “Life” will just have to take a back seat!

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