John Wills Has a New Novel!

October 1, 2014

Very pleased to spotlight John Wills and his new novel Healer. I met John at a Public Safety Writers conference in Vegas way back when, and if I remember correctly his lovely wife Christine was with him. There are daily luncheons at that conference, and since it’s a small conference, you get to meet and chat with fellow conference goers while eating good food! John and Christine were especially nice, and kind to a newcomer, and non-public safety professional. Since then I’ve followed John’s Virginia happenings on Facebook, especially his walks and pictures. I’m a walker, too, and knee-jerk dog lover. An added bonus is he knows about Chicago, my home town. So it’s special having John visit today and talk about his new novel. Oh yeah, and he’s a good writer!

John Wills

John Wills

Hi Madeline. Thank you for allowing me to visit with you and your readers. I have exciting news!—my latest novel, HEALER, is now available on Amazon, or at my publisher’s website: Oak Tree Press. HEALER is the heartwarming story about 16-year-old Billy Anderson. Billy has experienced more than his share of tragedy in his young life. Made fun of in school because of a birth defect, he first endures the loss of his mother, and then his father dies in the war.

One day, as Billy attends Mass, his life takes a dramatic turn. An elderly woman dies in his arms.But before she takes her last breath she tells him, “Receive the gift of healing.” Those words instantly change his life. However, Billy has no idea whether his supernatural ability will be a blessing or a curse.

Billy’s story will both surprise and comfort readers. He’s a remarkable young man whose parents imbued in him old fashioned values, morals, and ethics. His honesty and compassion will refresh and inspire. HEALER is a story the entire family will enjoy—from young adults to senior citizens. It’s a journey of faith and courage that will both leave you in tears and soothe your soul.

Healer by John Wills

Healer by John Wills

I was inspired to write this story after reading stories in the Bible about the Apostles and other saints who had the ability to heal those who were sick or lame. I wondered how such a gift might be looked upon in the present day. But as with much of my writing, I didn’t shy away from the reality of human nature. I include hardships like crime, addiction, homelessness, etc. Real life is gritty. To ignore that fact would certainly detract from my stories.

My previous novel, The Year Without Christmas, is an award-winner that chronicles how homeless people survive on the street. It’s a gut-wrenching story about a small town family whose peace is shattered by a tragic accident. The husband disappears as his grandson faces a life-threatening disease. It’s a tale about loss, faith, and the power of love.


About me:  I served 2 years in the Army, and then 12 years as a Chicago cop. I left the police department to join the FBI and retired after 21 years. I’ve written 10 books and published more than 150 articles on police training. I also write short stories and poetry. I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia with my wife Christine. We’ve been married 44 years and have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.


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Hope you enjoyed meeting John and hearing about his new novel. Comments, of course, are very welcome and appreciated!



5 Responses to “John Wills Has a New Novel!”

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  2. How nice to read about something uplifting. Both John’s books sound like my cup of tea. Thanks, Madeline, for introducing us to this very talented and accomplished gentleman. His background alone is very interesting.

  3. Thanks, Marja and Jackie, for your kind remarks, and to Madeline for hosting me. FYI–I just registered for the PSWA 2015 Conference.

  4. This sounds like an inspiring book and I can’t wait to read it. I’m a great believer in healing. Thank you so much for sharing about the book.

  5. jtzortman said

    Great interview, Madeline. John is a great guy and only writes good books. I love reading books by both of you and cannot wait to read John’s “Healer”. Sounds wonderful. Nice to have two of my favorite authors together on one blog.

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