The “Serendipity” Factor…

November 13, 2014

The two main ingredients for this little blog are: 1) The first Saturday of November every year the Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce sponsors a local Pistachio Festival, and 2) I’ve been asked more than a few times, where do your ideas come from?

On the festival front, this year as I was driving down early in the morning to the Community Center to set up, I was bemoaning the fact the High Desert California Writers Club was also sponsoring a great writer’s conference this morning–and I wished I could be in two places at once. It’s about eight miles from my house to the festival on a desert-rural paved road, and as I passed a dormant alfalfa field, my thoughts were immediately drawn to that field. Indeed, I thought it looked a little different. I don’t know what actually caught my fancy, but I guessed the field was being started back up–and as so many spots have done before, that field reached out and grabbed me. “Write about me, write about me…”

The actual festival was great, including hugging and shaking hands with a lot of people I only see once a year, some I see often, strangers, and of course people who bought my books!

By Tues, my husband and I both came down with colds. Alas, probably from someone I hugged. Then, during this last week I ran out of cough drops and more…

Being in two places at once, an alfalfa field that reached out and “grabbed me,” catching a cold from an unknown person, being out of cough drops and running out of stuff… Then add the magic ingredients of murder and “what if?”–and we have the start of a cake-of-a-story. All makes sense, right?

I wrote the basic synopsis for The Well last night, and it’s on my BTBWL – Books to be written list.



8 Responses to “The “Serendipity” Factor…”

  1. mmgornell said

    Thanks, Jake for stopping by and your continued support! Means a lot to me. And I’ll take your advice–I have some local honey on the shelf I forgot about!

  2. mmgornell said

    Thanks, Colleen, for stopping by, and putting The Well on your I’m waiting for list. Having that in the back of my mind will keep me motivated!

  3. mmgornell said

    Marja, thanks for reading my little story–it is interesting, isn’t it, where these darned stories come from. Sometimes, I wonder…(smile) Just wish I were a faster writer!

  4. Jake said

    Will be waiting to see how your story becomes something a fan can read. Hope you feel better quickly. Try some honey instead of cough drops. With a cuppa probably really soothing.

  5. Colleen Walsh Fong said

    And now on my “Books I’m Waiting For List.” What a perfect description of the idea process, Madeline. Can’t wait to see how this one comes out.

  6. Great story, Madeline! You just never know what will grab hold and beg to be written about. : )

  7. mmgornell said

    Yes! And it seems like they always fall on the same day. Thanks for stopping by, Marilyn! Sounds like your blog tour is going great! Sure enjoyed your visit with me.

  8. Don’t you love doing these events? I’m sorry you caught a cold, though, that’s a bummer. I hate it when you have to choose between two good venues.

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