Back to Writing–Still–and with P.D. James in Mind……

November 30, 2014

I haven’t finished Rhodes – The Mojave-Stone–yet. It’s written, but it’s not the best it can be I don’t think. But I was also thinking, this is ridiculous, just send the darn thing off to my wonderful and most patient editors (you know who you are!) Then P.D. James died.

P.D. was (still is!) my literary guiding light. I’ve read all her novels several times, and am currently watching the DVDs I have of a few of her adaptations with Roy Marsden. P.D. didn’t give a lot of advice, but one thing I remember most intently was–read often and well (paraphrasing). Reading well for me, means reading her!

But back to my failure on moving my current book forward out of its “literary nest”--it has to be better than the last one. And darn it, it’s not there yet. Several times I’ve said, aloud actually (I talk to my dogs) I’m being ridiculous. Just put the darn thing out there.

But I don’t think P.D would do that. In fact, I’m sure in my heart she was always striving for the very best. And I most assuredly will continue to try to follow what I think my literary rock-star would do…

Thanks, P.D., for such wonderful writing. Rest in Peace.

14 Responses to “Back to Writing–Still–and with P.D. James in Mind……”

  1. mmgornell said

    Thank you for stopping by, Sue, makes me feel better you’re in the same boat. I guess we’ll just keep paddling along… We’ll get there!

  2. I know what you mean, Madeline. I’m in the same boat with mine.

  3. mmgornell said

    Yep, Jackie, you nailed it right on the head! Thanks for stopping by–just took some scraps to my semi-resident Ravens and thought of you…

  4. jtzortman said

    It sounds like you have a tug of war going with yourself about your next book, which I am anxious to read. I kept editing my second MS until a more experienced writer told me to stop it because you can edit yourself into eternity. But I am a firm believer in listening to those always accurate “gut feelings”, too.

  5. mmgornell said

    Thanks for stopping by Kitty, and your kind words! P.D. IS quite amazing, I think. Thanks for being a fan, means an awful lot.

  6. mmgornell said

    Oh Marja, so good to hear your thoughts. And I’m honored you’re waiting for the next one! Yes, I’m listening–when it’s right it will be right–if ever (smile!)

  7. Kitty Kladstrup said

    As an editor, AND a fan of your work, I can deeply appreciate the thoughts in this blog.I am anxious for your next book for purely personal reasons, but I also understand enough about the creative process to agree with the advice from the others to let it “take its time.” I believe that the work, and you, will know when it’s time to “leave home” for the first steps out on it’s own…and that it is worth the wait. On another note, interestingly I picked up my first PD James novel not a week before she died. What an amazing weaver of beautifully and intricately written tales…! I am among her newest fans.

  8. I’m in agreement with others. When it feels right to YOU, that’s the time to submit it. Although, I have to admit, I can’t wait for the next book!

  9. mmgornell said

    Yes, Marilyn, I agree, she’s a role model for soooo many authors. The highest of complements, I think.

  10. mmgornell said

    Thanks for commenting, “Laughlincat2,” I really appreciate your support! It would be nice if P.D. is somehow, somewhere hearing all the complements she’s receiving…

  11. mmgornell said

    Patricia, thanks so much for your comment. Those competing urges to finish and have it right go to war sometimes… Following your advice.

  12. Know PD would appreciate your comments. I agree with Patricia publish when it feels correct. Readers will wait patiently.

  13. marilynm said

    P.D. James is/was a great role model for all writers. I’ll never have the same literary style as she, but no matter, I and you can only do the best we can do.

  14. Madeline, I’m looking forward to reading your next book BUT I think your instincts are good. If it doesn’t feel quite ready yet, it probably isn’t. Maybe you should set it aside and, after the holidays, look at it with fresh eyes.

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