Another New Old Book!

September 12, 2016

Yes, Reticence of Ravens 2nd Edition is coming out soon. Surprisingly, in re-editing I didn’t change much, and also surprising, I still like Hugh! Here’s the author’s note I added at the end in the second edition… (PS, thank you Aberdeen Bay for first printing Reticence, and thank you Champlain Avenue Books for reprinting!)

“Second Edition Author’s Note (2016)”

Reticence of Ravens was written as I was absorbing the vastness, climate, and uniqueness of the Mojave. While making new friends and discovering the town of Newberry Springs and environsthe historical significance and allure of Route 66 also became forefront in my writing mind and heart.

That period of “newness” and inherent excitement, especially in conjunction with writing this bookwas priceless. For I had also “met” Hugh Championand that was the beginning of my love-affair with Joey’s and the Mojave Desert.


 Coming soon, and funny, I’m excited as when it first came out!



5 Responses to “Another New Old Book!”

  1. mmgornell said

    Thank you, Mary, Marilyn, Patricia, and Jackie for sharing my news and your kind words! I sure appreciate your stopping by–one of the great things about writing–have met so many wonderful authors and friends. Mary, I will miss Oct 1st signing, but will be at San Bernardino Library on 8th. This last year has been a dud for me going to signings! Have a great event.

  2. jtzortman said

    I also loved this book. Congrats on the second edition.

  3. This is great news, Madeline. I loved the book! Congratulations!

  4. marilynm said

    And that’s a really good book!

  5. M.M., congratulations! Will you be selling at the High Desert Book Festival on Oct. 1st in Victorville, California?

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