A Grand Day

November 7, 2018

As expected, had a wonderful time at the Newberry Springs annual Pistachio festival. Hyrum Paulsen graciously took my picture, and Vickie Paulsen provided for me to use. I don’t much promote/sign anywhere else these days, so this event is a big treat for me!



8 Responses to “A Grand Day”

  1. mmgornell said

    Thanks for visiting, Mike! Sure hope to get to PSWA conference this coming summer–miss seeing you and Shauna especially.

    The atmosphere is like craft-faire (booths outside with all kinds of crafts and food vendors) and inside the Community Center there were two of us authors, an art contest, and Family Center handmade crafter items. So, the atmosphere is one of happy people, lots of families, Route 66 travelers–all in good moods and easy to chat with and enjoy. Of course there are pistachio vendors! Keep safe.

  2. Michael A. Black said

    Looks like a neat event, Maddie. I’m sure people enjoyed meeting you and the other authors.

  3. mmgornell said

    Thanks for visiting, Mary! I had several visitors from Victorville/Apple Valley area (ad in the paper they said) and one lovely lady was interested in a writing group that “liked” poets. Of course I highly recommended HDCWC and mentioned your name and accomplishments in particular! Hope she joins…

  4. Mary Langer Thompson said

    Yes, I hope you sold a bunch. I will make it to that event one of these days!

  5. mmgornell said

    Thanks for stopping by, Jackie. Sold a few books, but mostly enjoyed to talking to so many interesting and wonderful people. I’m not a learned person about Route 66 (have more than one book on the topic),and I am constantly amazed at the fortitude and vision the early travelers on the route had. Amazing people, I think.

  6. mmgornell said

    Thanks for stopping by Kitty! Love my shirt (smile)

  7. Kitty Kladstrup said

    Wonderful display of excellent novels, all of which I have read and love! You look great!

  8. photojaq said

    You look great in your Route 66 shirt. We recently visited the museum and guess what – I bought Hubby another of those 66 coffee mugs! You’ve turned me on to the old road, both with your mugs and shirts, and with your very cool mysteries. Hope you sold some…. no, I hope you sold a bunch!

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