An Invitation

January 31, 2016

A call for Authors to share their insights and news here on my blog…

As it turns out a lot of you, dear friends, are still visiting my blog. I am chagrined and apologetic I have been so neglectful, and am ready to get back to blogging.

I must say, fellow authors and friends Marja McGraw and Patricia Gligor have written several blogs recently that have given me the inspiration to get going again. And being part of the wonderful group, Writers in Residence has most fortunately kept me involved in writing even though I’ve recently felt like sticking my literary-head in the sand—can’t be around such encouraging authors without some of it rubbing off!

And of course, I have to keep plodding along if I don’t want to be buried in Marilyn Meredith’s writing and promotional activity-plume! (smile) Thank you, Marilyn for sharing your energy. On top of that, when I read about what all my PSWA(Public Safety Writers Association) and HDCWC(High Desert California Writers Club) friends are doing (listserve and FB), my slacker status rises even higher!

But the final nudge/push/shove that has actually gotten me back to typing is a recent connection I made with a reader who talked about enjoying reading one of my books—and even, more, shared his thoughts about the characters, settings—and most importantly, how they were affecting him! (thank you dear Inyokern reader—your words have meant more than you would have guessed)

So, my bottom line: Reading is good, writing is good, and spreading literary information into the blogosphere is also good!

If I haven’t emailed you directly, or you haven’t seen my various posts, please email me with an idea of what you’d like to talk about, and when you want to spread your word. And if you’re a new writer, or have a new book, for sure, drop me a line. Would love to spotlight YOU like Patricia Gligor does so well! Also open to posting links to blogs you’ve already written and want wider exposure.

And, Rusty LaGrange, thank you for commenting on my previous post with ideas and encouragement, and Marilyn Meredith, I’m looking forward to our visit on April 22nd!


Welcome to 2016

January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

With my wishes for Health, Happiness, and Prosperity!


Starting the New Year off fresh, with a little different approach to my blog. Several of my author friends have been doing a bang-up job of spotlighting new authors, and new books by established authors. I would like to do the same. I’ve really enjoyed “meeting” new authors. Knowing what’s going on in the writing world.


So, if you are a reader, stay tuned for “coming attractions”  in 2016, and if you’re an author–first book, fifth book, thirtieth book (thinking about you Marilyn Meredith) –drop me a line and I’ll get you a date setup. You’ll be hearing about Marilyn’s latest in April, and others who have new books coming out (won’t mention any more names!)


I’m thinking I’ll enjoy this approach, and it will be fun! In the past, have done a few of what I call in-depth author interview type posts, but this would focus on the book — things readers would be interested in — like setting, type of characters, writing style, and of course, the story! (stealing your review approach, Jackie Houchin).


Looking forward to what I’m calling for the moment, “Blog revitalization.”  I’d love to hear from all my fiction reading and writing friends–that includes my PSWA, SinC, CWC, and GLAWS author friends–Let’s get your books out there!


And, there will also be a “Readers Corner” — still mentally working on that aspect






Temporarily Out of Order

October 30, 2015

My blog is temporarily shut down. Back soon.

Very sorry for any inconvenience!



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