If you haven’t already seen my Facebook nudging, I’ve posted at Writers in Residence about word-painting…


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Still Alive and Posting…

February 21, 2018


I’ve posted at Writers in Residence about my current thoughts on Audio Books and their impact on setting and “taking the reader there.” If you can, drop by, I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on the topic. Just click here…

Writers In Residence



And here’s a bit of blatant promotion



September 25, 2017

I’m not sure if re-energized is a word, but that’s how I feel following Marilyn Meredith around on her blog tour (including here in the Mojave.) Made me face-up to the fact I’ve been really lazy recently. Thank you, Marilyn, for re-emphasizing, re-energizing, and reminding me that I actually love writing and everything associated with it. (sigh–even promotions–which I’m sneaking-in below.) And be sure to follow me and my fellow writers at Writers in Residence. I’m thinking my next post there will be on connotations and denotations of words! Real attention grabber, right? (smile)

I also have a post coming up on September 28 on Marilyn Meredith’s Blog where I talk about the music of writing. It’s an edited revision of an earlier post on Writers in Residence. (Jacqueline Vick pointed out how re-visiting blogs could be interesting) Turned out, for me, it was indeed very interesting to see if I still felt the same about the topic. I did, whew!

Thank you! if you have already read my latest, and if you left a review, my sincerest gratitude. Writing reviews takes time and effort, and I greatly appreciate them!


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